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The Strepy-Thieu Funicular Boat Lift is located in Wallonia, the French-speaking side of Belgium.

This boat lift was not on my bucket list.

Recently, we have been avoiding the bucket list approach. This is because it can be limiting and we could miss out on the new experiences that can develop along the way.

Strepy-Thieu Funicular Boat Lift

✦ Why You Must See The Strepy- Thieu Funicular Boat Lift

This is one of the largest funicular boat lift and the only one of its kind in the world.

A visit to the Strepy – Thieu Funicular Boat Lift offers a lot of discoveries and fun at the same time. For instance, there is an amazing machine room that will surprise and inform you.

Besides, the panorama of the site and the region is great and worth your visit.

Certainly, this is an absolute must-see if you are traveling through Belgium. It’s a marvel and a brilliant piece of engineering.

Strepy-Thieu Funicular Boat Lift

✦ The Experience From Strepy- Thieu Funicular Boat Lift

During the summer season, every Sunday you can enjoy a boat cruise during your visit. After that boat cruise, you will experience the crossing the water drop by boat.

Boat Lift In Wallonia Belgium

When approaching the boat lift, the structure dominates the skyline of the region.

There is a guided tour of the machine room that is well explained in English, French, Dutch and even German. Then the boat goes down the canal to the boat lift and then followed by boat lock.

Finally, after about almost 2 hours in the boat, you go back to the lift then up to an elevator. The walk to the elevator has a lot of information about the construction of the Strepy-Thieu Funicular Boat Lift.

Boat Criuse In Wallonia Belgium

The Provisions On Board

Certainly, knowing what is offered onboard is an important aspect when traveling. In the boat the drinks and waffles for sale are available.

Besides, you can also enjoy the Belgian chocolates and beers.

There is also a clean bathroom on board.

✦ Conclusion

This is a great experience and those who love constructions and the architecture feats, should not miss out to see a marvel and a shining example of Belgian Engineering.

Wallonia Begium

✦ Some Tips

  • You can travel with Eurail passes
  • Brussels  is home to an International Airport and there are numerous flights to other Belgian  local Airports
  • It’s good for a weekend getaway for families
  • You can choose to combine the boat lift tour with fishing or even cycling
  • You can rent a bike at boat lift 3
The Strepy-Thieu Funicular Boat Lift