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Diani Beach is a calm, relaxing, and peaceful beach in Kenya. It is a long white sand beach that has been voted to be one of the top beaches in the world.

✦ Where is Diani Beach Located?

Diani Beach Kenya

This beach is located in Ukunda. This is a region in Kwale County which is on the South coast of Kenya. It is one of the top beaches that are on the coast of the Indian Ocean.

✦ How to Get to Diani Beach in Kenya

Kenyan Coast

✦ 1. By Road

If you are in Mombasa which is on the North Coast of Kenya, And you choose to hire a car or use a taxi, you will have to use a ferry and then have a drive of 48 minutes.

In addition, in the near future, there will be no need to have to use the ferry to get to Diani. This is because there is an ongoing project of a road that leads to this area.

✦ 2. By Air

There are local flights to the Ukunda Airport. From there, you can hire a car or use a taxi to get to Diani Beach.

✦ When to go to Diani Beach

✦ The Weather

The average temperatures on this coast are between 26 to 38 degrees during the day. And the warmest month is in March.

✦ The High and the Low Seasons

Kenyan Coast

This beach is one of the great beaches to visit throughout the year. And this is because it has tropical weather.

The high seasons include during the Valentines, the Easter holidays, and the Christmas season. Nonetheless, if you decide to go during the peak season, it will be less crowded compared to the North Coast.

The low seasons are just after the high seasons. This period the beach is less crowded.

✦ Where to Stay in Diani

Due to its natural beauty, this beach has a large and still a growing wide range of accomodation to choose from. This is from the normal to luxurious options. From guest houses to villas and resorts.

You will be able to get a place to stay that will suit your budget, needs, and taste. The choice is yours!

✦ What to do on this Beach

Diani Beach in Kenya

✦ 1. The Boat Safari

Kenyan Coast

Due to the warm Indian Ocean and the beautiful coral reefs, it is one of the best places to get close to the richly diverse marine life.

One of the ways to explore this is by going for a boat safari. This is done by going on the shoreline of the Indian Ocean by use of a dhow to Kisite Marine National Park.

Here, you will be able to see the dolphins, then you can dive, and snorkel. There are many other marine giants to see in the park.

✦ 2. The Safari

Tsavo National Park in Kenya

A visit to Kenya can’t be complete without a real safari. This is because this country is well known to have the Big Five.

One of the parks to consider is the Shimba Hills National Reserve. This is located not far from this beach.

In this park, elephants, antelopes, leopards, monkeys, and giraffes can all be spotted. The Sheldrick Falls is also found in this park.

In case, you are an animal lover, you can head to Tsavo East or Tsavo West National Park.

Tsavo National Park in Kenya

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East and West National Parks are some of the best parks in Kenya. They are home to a huge number of families of elephants, lions, zebras, antelopes, gazelles, just to mention but a few.

✦ 3. Other Activities

Bamburi  Beach
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Sky diving
  • Jetskiing

Some Tips For Diani Beach

  • Make sure that you try out the coconut drink