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Having five nights to spend in Rome during Christmas, we had an action packed holiday. We decide to narrow down our focus and visit the Vatican, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Colosseum and Roman Forum. This is because Rome is a big and a beautiful city.

What happens in Rome, stays in Rome, right? I really dont think so! While traveling, there so many encounters which are breathtaking, memorable and also unexpected. I have decided to share the crazy travel experiences or even embarrassing moments while in the capital city of Italy. In real sense, these stories might make you wonder why I would go back to Rome. While traveling or even in real life, the unexpected always happen and that  makes traveling interesting. Continue reading

This is something absolutely worth seeing once in your life. I’m so glad that this summer, I have crossed this off my bucket list: the Flower Carpet on the Brussels Grand Place. The tapis de fleurs (French) or bloementapijt (Dutch), is one of the city’s most famous attractions as every two years the historical Grand Place gets covered with  colorful flowers for a few days.

The Grand Place is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Brussels. It is surrounded with absolutely stunning 17th century architecture. The combination of Gothic and Baroque styles are beautiful by day and also by night when the area is softly lit by lamps from the surrounding buildings. Continue reading

The Island of Rhodes

When people ask me about my best travel experience so far, it’s always tough for me to pinpoint my absolute best because they are mostly all great for a variety of reasons and  at different levels. Some moments that I have experienced while travelling ended up completely blowing me away, in way that I never expected. Years later, I still smile at the fond memories. Continue reading


No matter where you are  from or your age, there is nothing quite like seeing wild elephants for the first time. Just some few meters while  driving down the road inside the Tsavo East National Park, we suddenly saw the elephants at a distance. There were several red colored spots standing out amongst the green vegetation. It was clear that they were moving towards the direction of our way. The guide stopped the van and we waited patiently. Within some few minutes, they were right there in front of us crossing the road, just a feet away from our van. They peacefully walked  and there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was such a special experience for me as a lover of elephants. Continue reading

The Market Square

The map of Bruges

I think that cities are like human beings, because they show their varying personalities to the traveler. Depending on the city and on the traveler, there might begin a mutual love, or dislike, friendship, or enmity. I’ve been to the city of Bruges so many times, but I keep on falling in love with this historical city. Continue reading

One of the highlights of our trip to Kenya, was going on a safari to Tsavo East National Park. It is one of the oldest and largest African safari parks in Kenya. It was established in 1948 and covers 11,747 square kilometres. Its close proximity to the beaches and tourist attractions around Kenyan coast region, makes it an ideal safari destination for those who would like to combine.

Naturally being the  home to the Big 5, is what brings the majority of tourists here. There are a whole range of different ways to enjoy this spectacular reserve, from self-drive safaris to guided tours. There are diverse Kenyan wild animals which  includes the large families of giraffes, gazelles, hartebeests  and zebras, as well as the Big 5 (buffaloes,  elephants, lions, rhinos and leopards). Continue reading

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