My name is Anne Wambui Kanyi and welcome to Wambui’s Diaries!

And in 2014, I got married to the love of my life. We both love traveling and we consider traveling to be loaded with opportunities for growth and learning. 


I’m a lover of  anything positive and I enjoy sharing my travels and my real life experiences to inspire and to enlighten others. 

In the late 2016, I decided to start Wambui’s Diaries. This is a site dedicated to:

  • Sharing our travel stories, experiences and travel tips to help people travel more and create better memories. I hope that these experiences  inspires you to explore something new or a new place
  • To share about my everyday live experiences and interests as a source of inspiration, ideas, and tips for my readers.
  • Also, to share tips for motherhood journey that are from my own experinces to help mothers like me. 

I publish at least one blog posts in a week.


Do you have any comments, questions, or ideas about my blog posts? Please feel free to contact me and share them with me!

Anne Wambui Kanyi

Anne Wambui Kanyi


Thank you for stopping by and for checking me out! I hope you’ll join me in my journey.