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The Island of Rhodes

Rhodes Island is one of the top holiday destination in Greece.

The following are reasons why:

✦ 1. The Weather

Rhodes Island Best Holiday

This is one of the top reasons why people go on holiday to this island. It has a warm summer which is ideal for the whole family to take a break.

✦ 2. The History on Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island Best Holiday
The Island of Rhodes, Greece

The island has a medieval old town, ancient cathedrals, and many other various places that are evident to have been part of the past. Exploring these sites will help you appreciate the island more.

✦ 3. The Beaches on Rhodes Island

Kallithea Springs Rhodes Island
The Springs of Kallithea

Take your time and consult your local tour company and of course, they will have dozens of travel ideas for this island.

Make your own decision and try to avoid the use of the bucket list approach in travels on the island. This will help you to stop limiting yourself and not to miss out on the new experiences.

One of these experiences will be a visit to all the beaches on the island. For instance the beach at Kallithea Springs. This is the most beautiful beach on the island.

✦ 4. The Bustling Landscapes

Rhodes Island

The island of Rhodes has natural beauty. To top it up, there are some of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece. These settings will take your breath away.

You may choose to go for a hike or even perfect your photography skills. If none of the above is one of your hobbies, then you will enjoy the great sceneries.

✦ 5. Tavernas on Rhodes Island

Greek Food

The island has many gourmet restaurants and traditional tavernas to choose from. They all serve local delicacies and many other types of food.

✦ Some Tips

  • Try out the  local wine and food
  • Enjoy a day trip to other Greek islands
  • Consider hiring a car so that you can explore a little more
The Island of Rhodes