You are currently viewing 7 Top Attractions in Ostend, Belgium

Ostend is a Belgian coastal city.

Indeed, behind this city lies a rich history spanning back hundreds of years. It is a historical city that is also cosmopolitan.

Here are the 7 top things to do and see while visiting the city of Ostend:

1✦ Dikke Mathilde

Dikke Mathilde

Dikke Mathille is a famous sculpture of a naked woman that is located in the Leopold II Street in Ostende.

2 ✦The Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul In Ostend

Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul In Ostend

The church is located in the town center of Ostend.

It is easily accessible by the use of all means of public transport. It is also within a walking distance to the harbor.

In fact, when you walk out of the Ostend railway station, you will be able to see the towering steeple of this church.

This area has many restaurants, cafes and coffee shops

3 ✦ Atlantic Wall Museum

 Atlantic Wall Museum

Atlantic Wall Museum is a military museum that is located in Ostend. Indeed, this museum has preserved the fortifications of the Atlantic wall dating from World War I and II.

The audio that is provided in this war museum which is in English, German and French languages, gives concise descriptions of the various displays in the museum.

There is a wide variety of hand weapons, for instance, that are well preserved and on the display. There are also tunnels and bunkers to see, and last but not least, there are rooms that show how the living conditions were during the war.

Practical Information

  • There is a restaurant, thus, you can have lunch here
  • This museum is not far from the beach of Ostend

4 ✦ Marvin Gaye Walking Tour

 Marvin Gaye Walking Tour

The city of Ostend became the scene of the rebirth of one of the music icon Marvin Gay after his struggles with drug addiction.

An Ostend concert promoter by the name Freddy, helped Marvin Gay to stay away from the drugs and to get back on track.

Eventually, he had a great comeback into his musical career with an album Midnight love which was recorded in Belgium.

This walking tour is meant to celebrate the life of the late singer. It takes the visitors to the various location and points of Marvin’s interest.

5 ✦ The Beach of Ostend

The Beach of Ostend

The beach in Ostend is a lovely beach.

It is a wide, clean beach and there are lifeguards on it.

There is a lovely promenade with a lot of shops, cafes, bars and eating places. Here, you can eat a snack or a meal or even a Belgian waffle which is well worth trying. It is also a lovely place to walk along.

This is a long beach, which is approximately 67 kilometers.

You can explore it by use of the tram which runs from the city of Ostend which is near the Dutch border, to the city of De Panne which is near the French border.

6 ✦ Mercator


Mercator is a ship that was used for training and scientific observations before World War II.

Today, it is fully restored to it’s sailing glory and it sits at the Ostend harbor as a maritime museum.

The harbor is in the heart of the city and the Mercator is open to visitors.

7 ✦ Royal Galleries of Ostend

The Royal Galleries of Ostend were constructed in the early 1900s.

This allowed the then King, King Leopold II, his family, and his guests to access the beach and the racetrack from his Royal Villa without inconvenience.

Without a doubt, you can’t miss this one out while visiting the city of Ostend.