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The ancient city of Aptera is a historic attraction in Crete. It was once one of the largest cities on this Greek island.

✦ The Roadtrip to the Aptera, Crete

Crete Island

This is a road trip on the beaten tracks on Crete Island. It is a journey to discover and explore this island. It will lead you to the most spellbinding landscapes in Greece.

✦ The Location of the Aptera, Crete

The Ancient Aptera of Crete

The Aptera lies on the hill that overlooks the south of Souda Bay. And it was once upon a time a powerful city on this island. This was during Minoan times.

It was located next to the natural bay with two harbors. This favored its development.

✦ The Adventure at Aptera Crete

The Ancient Aptera of Crete

Today, this is a historical sight. And it offers all of the information from the settlement, composition, the city’s architecture, the religion, and habits of Aptherean residents.

As an independent state, it maintained a determinant political role in both internal and foreign affairs.

The Ancient Aptera of Crete

The findings of the excavations indicate that the city was inhabited until the 7th century AD. It was abandoned due to a strong earthquake. This is because the city was destroyed and this led to the falling apart of the city.

How is this Ancient City

Ancient Aptera of Crete

The Ancient Aptera of Crete had two cemeteries. One of them is in the southeast and another one in the west of the city.

The findings of various periods from the city and the cemeteries are in the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

bath ruins in Crete Island

The bath ruins, amphitheater, and cisterns are still in tack. It is evident that they have never been repaired from the damage of the earthquake.

Last but not least, even though your aim will be to visit the site, you can marvel at the views of the mountains and fresh air from the rural areas of Crete.

Crete Island

Some Tips

  •  There are no restaurants or cafes at the site
  • Wear comfortable shoes