Trying to Get Pregnant Tips

At a certain age, you settle down. And after trying to get pregnant and it’s not going as fast as you expected, then the tips on how to get pregnant become handy. This is because to the majority of the people when they are young, this happens fast and sometimes it happens unexpectedly. The following tips are from my own journey and I hope that they will be helpful:


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Weight Loss After Pregnancy

The Weight Loss After Pregnancy

The weight loss journey after the pregnancy do not have to be stressful. And this should be the case if you use the right approach. It also requires a lot of patience and what may have worked for the other person may not work for you.

The following is a list of healthy and safe tips that I used in my own journey:


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Lessons From the First Year of Motherhood

As I celebrate my daughter’s first birthday, I have decided to share my experience from the first year of motherhood. This is a journey that has been a learning curve for me.

From the moment I knew that I was pregnant, I started reading books and did a lot of research to prepare myself for this journey. But to be honest, it has not been very helpful. This journey is like one of those jobs that you learn when at it. I have also made mistakes, and from them, I have learnt, adjusted, and reinvented myself.


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The Car Accessories For the Baby To Buy

When looking for car accessories to buy for the baby, one of the main factors to consider is the safety of the baby. Besides, they make the life of the new parents more comfortable and easier. To ensure that the baby also enjoys being in the car, add some entertainment for the little one. The following is the list of the top accessories that you must have in your car:


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Routines to Help the Baby Have a Healthy Skin

It takes more than the products that a parent settles for, for the baby to have healthy skin. These include very small details like a healthy diet, changing the towels, or disinfect the baby’s bathtub, just to mention but a few. The following are the routines that will help the new parents achieve this:


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Necessities For Changing the Baby Diapers

The same as for the feeding of the baby, the changing of the baby diapers is important. This is because they provide the comfort of both the parent and the little one. Of course, there are factors to consider while buying them. For instance, the quality, the price, and last but not least, the protection. The following are the basics that you need to enjoy this journey:


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Breastfeeding Must-Haves

The Breastfeeding Must-haves

Feeding a newborn is part of the journey of motherhood. And it is all about doing what works for a mum. This can be breastfeeding, formula, or even both of them. Thus, as you wait for your bundle of joy, this post will help you to have a list of the breastfeeding must-haves. A new mum needs to be as comfortable as it can be. And this will make it easier and enjoyable for both the baby and the mum. And here goes the list:


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The Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

Are you looking for baby shower gifts? I know that it can be tricky but at the same time, it can be fun. Most of the time, the first thing that comes to mind is the diapers or rompers. And to be honest, it’s not a bad idea neither. But it could be that everyone has the same idea in their mind. The following are the best gifts ideas that I have found to be great in my own journey:


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