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In case you are considering selling a home, a property, or an apartment, I hope that this post will help you. Especially, if this is your first time in this whole experience. And this is because we recently sold a home. Thus, these tips are from our own experience on this journey. The steps that we followed and we would highly recommend them are:

✦ 1. Research to Selling a Home

To make the right decision about the price that you want to sell your property at, you will have to do some research. Get to know or ask around the price or about how much the properties are going for in your area. This is for the properties that are in the market or have been sold recently.

✦ 2. The Value of Your Property

Before contacting different Real Estate Agencies to come in and value your property, do the following:

✦ 1. Contact Your Bank

The bank will provide you with the details on how much it rates your piece of land. This is just general information about how much a piece of land costs in an area. At the end of the day, the bank has this information because they offer loans to its customers.

✦ 2. Make an Appointment with Your City Council Office

This is also meant to gather more information about the current prices of properties in your area. The city council will even have more details of different prices for different categories. For instance, the land, commercial properties, and apartments, among many others.

Of course, there are existing factors that will always affect the price of your property. And at the top of this is location, location, location. The more information you will find, the better, to have informed choices.

✦ 3. A Private Property Appraisal Before Selling a Home

This is something that a lot of people choose to ignore but it is of paramount help. And yes, it will cost you some money but in the end, you’ll have the correct points to make a decision. The advantage of this kind of valuation of the price is that they are not interested in selling your property. In addition, the information that is contained in their report is specifically meant for your property. Thus, when inviting the Real Estate Agencies, you’ll be armed with quite some helpful information.

✦ 4. Contact the REAL Estate Agencies For Selling a Home

After doing all your research, now you are like a soldier armed and ready for war. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of a long journey and it’s all about decisions, decisions! Again do your research on the top five ones that are known to deliver in the area. With Google and social media, this information is easily available. You also have to trust your gut. I know that it is not easy to deal with brokers, but in this case, you really need them. And don’t forget that they will be interested to sell your home. So some may even overprice your property to soothe your ego and then gain the business. Others will leave feeling like the property is not good enough. And Others will just be honest.

People will advise you, but at the end of the day, it’s for you to make the decision. Don’t let anyone make go for less, or go up too high, because you will be the loser. Again trust your guts!

✦ 3. Get a Notary

This is a legal office that you can not do without while selling or buying a property. It is not like in some cases where people choose not to use real estate agents in the sale of their houses. The notary can not be left out.

And the reason is that they have the legal authority to investigate and know if the title deed and all the documents are correct and true. They also, ensure that the documents are correctly signed by the parties. And last but not least, they ensure that the parties have a clear understanding of what is in the documents before signing them.

The buyer of your property will also have his or her own notary. And this will help both parties to have a smooth transaction and in case of something that is not correct, the notary deter fraud.

✦ 4. The Sale of Your Property

Deciding the Agency that will be selling your home, apartment, or property is the hardest part of the process but also rewarding. It requires more patience, trusting the process, and a bit of good luck, or whatever you would like to call it.

It includes taking photographs of the property, marketing it, appointments and visits. This is done pretty much by the Real Estate Agency. And voilà, your property will be sold out in due time. And remember to read and reread the contract before signing it. This is very important and I can’t insist enough on how this is important. Last but not least, Be patient, and all the best.