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The Flower Carpet on the Grand Place in the city of Brussels is worth seeing once in your lifetime. I’m so glad that I have crossed it out of my bucket list.

Are you looking for the attractions to visit during the summer in Brussels? Then, this is one of the famous attractions in this city.

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✦ Where To Find The Flower Carpet In Brussels

The viewing of the Flower Carpet happens at the Grand Place in Brussels every 2 years. What happens is that the Grand Place gets covered with colorful flowers for a few days

The Grand Place is the central square of the city of Brussels. It is considered as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.

Grand Place, Brussels

This square is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides, it plays hosts numerous events, festivals, and concerts throughout the year.

✦ Fun Facts About The Flower Carpet

The tradition of the Flower Carpet dates back to 1971 when the landscape Etienne Stautemand created a flower carpet in Brussels in an effort to advertise his work.

Ever since then, the city of Brussels has had different carpet designs made from begonias flowers. These flowers are cultivated especially for this event.

The Flower Carpet in Brussels

The Flower Carpet is normally 75 meters long and 24 meters wide, making a total of 1,800 square meters.

The carpet is assembled by volunteers in less than an estimated 10 hours.

The viewing of the Flower Carpet also offers the chance to stroll around the Grand Place which a jewel of Gothic architecture.

The Grand Place, Brussels

The travelers can inhale the fragrant of the begonias flowers while admiring the details of the carpet.

This extraordinary event is made complete by a visit to the balcony of the town hall at a fee. This offers a panoramic view of the flower carpet.

Grand Place, Brussels

A musical theme is especially composed for each edition and the concert is given at Grand-Place every evening. It is also accompanied by a magnificent light show.

If you are looking for something interesting things to do in Brussels during the summer season, then this is one of them!

✦ Other Things To Do At The Grand Place In Brussels

Brussels offers some really tasty food that pleases food connoisseurs.

The Flower Carpet in Brussels

There are restaurants to eat right or even to enjoy the local and international cuisine at the Grand Place and that has an atmosphere that is great. Looking for more? There is a whole street full of restaurants which is very near the Grand Place.

While planning to visit Grand Place to view the Flower carpet, you can probably combine this with something else in the city of Brussels

Don’t forget to try out the Belgian Chocolates and also some Belgian beers!

The Flower Carpet in Brussels

✦ Some Tips

  • To access the Grand Place is free of charge
  • You can buy tickets for a panoramic view of the Flower Carpet from the balcony of the City hall
  • The next edition will take place in 2020
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