You are currently viewing Playas de Las Malvas in Lanzarote (Las Malvas Beach)
Playas de Las Malvas, Lanzarote Island

Playas de Las Malvas is one of the most unique beaches on the island of Lanzarote. Besides, this beach is less crowded and great for fishing.

✦ What Makes Playas de Las Malvas Unique?

Playas de Las Malvas, Lanzarote Island

This is one of the few beaches on the Canary Islands that have the black sand. It has strong wild waves and it is more of a less crowded attraction to visit while on this island.

This means that you do not head to this beach for a swim but to enjoy the scenery and its wonders. It is well worth a visit.

✦ Where is it Located?

It is located in Las Palmas. And the best way to get to this beach is from Tinajo and then through the Tenesar village.

✦ How to Get there

There is no public transport that you can use to access this beach. The best way is to get there is to rent a car and then have yourself a whole day exploring this beach and other attractions in this part of Lanzarote.

✦ Activities at the Playas de Las Malvas

Playas de Las Malvas, Lanzarote Island

✦ 1. Fishing

It is one of the top activities that people go there to enjoy on this beach. This is because with its natural state and then having strong waves, it has plenty of fish.

✦ 2. Photography

This is a heaven for the photographers and the beach being less crowded, you will have the best shots.

✦ The Facilities at This Beach

Playas de Las Malvas, Lanzarote Island
  • There are no shops and restaurants along this beach
  • No sunbeds and umbrellas
  • There is free parking
  • Presence of the police in the area
  • No lifeguards
  • There are no toilets and bathrooms
  • No networks

✦ How is the Experience From the Playas de Las Malvas?

Playas de Las Malvas, Lanzarote Island

This is a beach that I would recommend that you visit and see. just keep in mind that, it is not safe for families with kids because it has strong wind and waves.

Last but not least, wear closed and comfortable walking shoes. This is because the walk from the parking to the beach is on a terrain that is rocky.