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Visiting Algarve

Right now, things seem to be looking up. And what is a better plan than to go visiting Algarve this year?

This is a region in Portugal that from the arrival at the airport, it has its own charm. It will make you return again sooner than later. Other than the oranges grown in every garden and the white houses in all the villages, the following are some of the things that make Algarve a top destination to visit:

✦ 1. Nature at its Best

✦ 1. The Cliffs

There are a lot of cliffs along the coastline of the Algarve. And this is not something you’ll find in many parts of Europe. Therefore, after enjoying the good weather when visiting Algarve, one of the things that should be on the top of your list is to visit as many cliffs as you can.

The best way to explore this region is by renting a car. This way, you will have a lot of freedom on how to manage your time. One of the advantages, is that parking spaces on the viewing points of these cliffs are free of charge.

These cliffs are beautiful and you can’t get enough of the nature showing off. As you know, they are a danger that goes with them. You will see the posts warning the visitors. Thus, keep a distance while enjoying them and when taking photos.

✦ 2. Weather When Visiting Algarve

Are you looking for a winter break during the Christmas holidays? Or are you looking for a warmer place to visit during the Valentine with your loved one? Algarve got you covered. This is because the other majority parts of Europe experience a cold winter, but the winter in Algarve is not too cold.

You will not need your winter jackets here. And you will enjoy visiting historical sites, and walking around different cities, without the snow and temperatures will be above 12 degrees Celsius during the winter. You may even have a tarn when heading home.

✦ 3. Sandy Beaches

What’s better than swimming on a sandy beach which is just below a cliff? It is phenomenal! Visiting Algarve all along the year will give you a chance to enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic ocean, and next to the cliffs.

✦ 2. Golfing Paradise

It is well known that the Spanish are the best golfers. But Algarve is the golfer’s paradise. This may be it’s from its the good weather all around the year and the good terrain for the golf courses. Thus, you can combine your holiday with a good golf experience in Portugal. This may be a golf holiday, so when packing your bags, you will need to pack your golf clubs.

✦ 3 Great For Shoppers

All your favorite shops, you will find in Algarve. And what may surprise you, is that the prices are much better than in many other countries in the European Union.

The shopping malls in Algarve are great. This is because they try to take care of everyone in the family. For instance, if a family has a small child, you may not only find a changing room, but also a microwave in the children’s corner.

I can’t forget to mention in the shops, you’ll not find anyone trying to get in front of you to get to the cashiers. The Portuguese have a culture of first come, first served, which I think is polite. Furthermore, in one shopping mall that is not far from the airport, you’ll find a board showing the flight arrival and departure times. This is very handy for travelers who want to do shopping on the departure day.

✦ 4. Surfing Paradise When Visiting Algarve

Algarve has something for every visitor that wants to have a taste of it. This includes the surfers who are professionals, people who want to take up surfing lessons, and the ones who do surfing as a hobby.

Do you like watching surfers? Then this is the place to be. You will have the best time of your life.

✦ 5. That Island Feeling

Despite that Algarve is not an island, it has that island vibes feeling. This is from the warmth of the local people who you will socialize with from the hotel, supermarkets, shopping malls, and when driving around.

Remember, do not be in a hurry while in Algarve. This is because you will be frustrated. It’s like no hurry in Algarve!

✦ 6. Best Pottery

I have been to several cities and I have never seen anything like the pottery in Algarve. This also includes the art that is done on them, to say the least, it’s out of this world.

After visiting the pottery stores in Algarve, you’ll have difficulties choosing. And at the end of it all, you will have several of your utensils that will be fine and unique. You can also get souvenirs for your loved ones and they will really appreciate it.

✦ 7. Retirement Plan After Visiting Algarve

After visiting Algarve, and returning several times, you may end up joining this retirement paradise as everyone else does.

In case, you are looking for a place to retire that has a mild winter in Europe, with a great culture, with warm locals, and accommodating, then Algarve is the place for your retirement. And why not retire in Algarve? A place where your garden will be full of oranges and olives. And to top it up isn’t far from the beach. It is good for your health and well-being!