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Are you planning for your next summer holidays? Then you should consider a summer holiday in Rhodes Island.

And whether you are in search of nightlife, or sun, or beaches, or watersport, the island has it all.

Rhode Islands

The following are some of the top things to do on this island:

✦ 1. Wine Tasting in Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island

This island was the first in the Aegean Sea to cultivate vineyards and to make wine.

A visit to one of the wine estates will make you realize that the Greek wines are nice.

Ultimately, learning the history of wine processing on the island and the wine tasting is the icing on the cake.

You will also learn about Ouzo. This is a Greek cultural drink. And it has a smooth yet distinctly sweetened taste. It is served with ice cubes in a small glass or you can drink it as shots.

2. The Beaches in Rhodes Island

Kallithea's Beach Rhodes Island

For the beach lovers, you have a reason to choose Rhodes island as your summer holiday destination.

All the beaches on the island are nice, with crystal-clear water and they are great for water sports. And the majority of these beaches are gravel, not sand. Thus, get the appropriate shoes.

Remember that on these beaches, just like many of the European beaches, the tourists have to hire a sunbed and umbrella to use.

3. The Olive Oil Factory

There are beautiful olive trees that grow in the valleys and mountainous areas of the Island of Rhodes. For this reason, try and visit an Olive Oil Factory.

The owners and the workers in the factories are very friendly. During the visit, you will get a guided tour and it is interesting and informative.

The Greeks have been cultivating the olive trees and have been using olive oil since 3500 BC. The olive oil is still used to date for medical purposes and religious purposes in Greece.

Besides, it is proven that olive oil is an essential ingredient of a healthy diet in the whole world.

The people at these factories are generous. An at the end of the tour,  they always give the bottles of Greek olive oil and spices.

4. The Churches

Rhodes Island

The architecture of the Orthodox Churches on this island is breathtaking.  Visit one of these churches but not in your panty shorts. Just cover up a bit.

Some Tips

  • Avoid the peak season
  • Try out the Greek wines