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Efteling Theme Park is a park that caters to both children and adults. It has a wide array of amusement rides, enchanting attractions, and spectacular park shows.

This unique park is one of the most visited theme parks in Europe.

✦ Events Throughout the Year In Efteling Theme Park

Efteling is opened all the days of the year. For that reason, the travelers can discover the charm of each season of the year (summer, autumn, winter, and springs) in this amusement park.

Efteling Theme Park

During the winter months, you can skate in the indoor ice rink IJspaleis which is only opened from mid-November till the end of January. You can also enjoy cross country skiing and winter entertainment.


In the summer, the opening hours are extended. Indeed, you will enjoy the long summer days at the Efteling. This is because there are plenty of opportunities to cool down in the fun water attractions and spectacular entertainment. More so, the picnic is something you can choose or find a terrace to sit on and enjoy the sunshine in the park!

Last but not least, during the spring and autumn, there is also a plethora of attractions and entertainment to discover and to enjoy for the people of all walks of life.


✦ Efteling Theme Park’s Experiences

This amusement park is divided into five themed areas:

  • Reizenrijk (Travel themed area)
  • Marijke (Fairy themed area)
  • Ruigrijk (Adventure themed area)
  • Fantasierijk (Fantasy themed area)
  • Anderrijk (Others themed area)
Theme Park Experience

✦ Practical Information

Some of the rides can have a very long queue, so make sure that you download the app on your phone, as it will show you the estimated waiting times for all the rides/attractions.

✦ 1. Reizenrijk (Travel Themed Area)

 Reizenrijk theme area

Reizenrijk has the Carnaval Festival ride that travels around the world in a span of 8 to 10 minutes. It’s quite an interesting journey that is suitable for the whole family.

In this area, there is also a Gondola. This is a very calm water ride in the Efteling Theme Park. The ride travels through the theme park showing the landscaping in the park. It passes through a channel and a pond that has a large number of basses fish, pike perches and the common carp fish.

The Gondola

Also, planted on the banks are different species of pines, conifers, and deciduous trees and ferns. Some different species of water birds too can be seen, most noticeably the swans, ducks, Egyptian geese, just to mention but a few.

 Reizenrijk Themed Area Efteling

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention the Pagode which is again in this travel themed area. This is a Thai temple that has beautiful panoramic views of the park and the Dutch landscape.

 Reizenrijk  Travel Themed Area
Thai temple at the background

✦ 2. Marijke (Fairy Themed Area) In Efteling Theme Park

Marijke Themed Area In Efteling

Marijke is the home of the fairy tales and more rides and attractions. Here, you will find:

  • The Fairytale Forest
  • Sprookjeboom Show
  • Droomvlucht – This a dark ride through a dream world
  • Raveleijn Park Show – A live show featuring stunt horse riders
  • Stroomtrein – A train journey though Efteling on a real steam train
Marijke Themed Area

Mostly this fairy themed area is very entertaining and the children will enjoy all the attractions.

Marijke Themed Area

✦ 3. Ruigrijk (Adventure themed area)

This consists thrill rides like Baron 1898 (dive coaster), Joris en de Draak (a double track wooden racer roller coaster), Halve Maen (a swinging ship) and the
Python ( a steel roller coaster).

Apparently, the Python looks more like a real python. And if you visit it in the afternoon, your ride will be a little bit faster. This doesn’t have as much theming as the other rides in the area, however, it remains the most popular amongst the daredevils.

4. Fantasierijk (Fantasy themed area) Efteling Theme Park

Fantasierijk is one of the five themed areas of the Efteling Park. The fantasy-themed area covers the area around the main entrance and the center of the Efteling.

 Fantasierijk themed area in Efteling

The most important attractions in this area are the Symbolica and Aquanura (a sensational water show)

 Symbolica  inEfteling

✦ 5. Anderrijk (Others themed area)

The name Anderrijk is based on the fact that this area of the park does not have a clear theme. Thematically, the attractions here have little to do with each other, but they are all different from other experiences. The following can be found in this area:

  • PandaDroom – A 3D Movie
  • Spookslot – ghost house
  • Pirana – Rapid river
  • Bob – Bobsleighride
  • Fata Morgana – A dark ride

✦ Some Tips For EftelingTheme Park

  • Efteling has a wide selection of meals
  • Plan to spend more than a day at the park
  • There are a number of hotels in the area to stay during your visit to this park
  • This amusement park offers from well-designed family attractions to some very thrilling, adrenaline high roller coasters
  • Efteling is a well-maintained theme park
efteling Theme Park