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Belem District has a number of sights that are worth exploring when you are in the city of Lisbon.

The following list includes the top attractions to see while in Belem:

✦ The Tower of Belem

This tower was built to guard the entrance to Lisbon harbor. Today, it is like the symbol of Portugal. And also, it is one of the World Heritage Sites in this city.

The Tower of Belém Tower has great architecture and you can’t miss out on the views from the top of this tower. Just keep it in your mind that the queue can be a little bit longer and the area can be crowded. Thus, ensure that you get there early.

Tower of Belem

✦ Jeronimos Monastery

The monastery is gigantic and has breathtaking architecture.

There is a lot of information that is displayed inside this complex. They all link to the history of this country.

Besides, there is a part where you can visit free of charge. This is where you will be able to see the tomb of Vasco Da Gama.

You can’t miss this out on your list of things to do while in this area.

Jeronimos Monastery

✦ Monument to Discoveries in Belem District

The Monument to Discoveries was originally built for a World Fair that was hosted in Lisbon in the 1940s.

It is a monument that is located on the bank of the Tagus River. And this is dedicated to the Portuguese explorers who deserved all the recognition for their great work.

This is not far from the Jeronimos Monastery. And las but not least, you can choose to take the steps or use the elevator to go to the top for the views.

 Monument to Discoveries

✦ Centro Cultural de Belem

This is the largest cultural center in this city. And there are several establishments that are located inside the center.

The arts encompassed within this extensive space is something you can not miss out on when you are in this area.

Take your time and visit the Berardi Museum which is great and it has a wide range of contemporary art.

Centro Cultural de Belem

✦ Maritime Museum in Belem District

This is a navy museum that is dedicated to showcases the history of navigation in Portugal.

Portugal is well known in the world’s history to have had the best world explorers. Some of these leaders were Christopher Columbus and Vasco Da Gama, just to mention but a few.

Maritime Museum in Belem

✦ Museum of the Presidency of the Republic of Belem

This is a small but interesting museum that is within a walking distance from other Belem’s major tourist attractions.

There are galleries of all the presidents with short videos and bios. It showcases all the gifts that each president ever received from other countries to Portugal.

Museum of the Presidency of the Republic of Belem

Tips on How To Enjoy Belem District

  • Try the Tagus River Cruise
  • You can use a tram or hop on and off the bus
  • Explore Belem on foot