You are currently viewing Organic Winery Stilianou (Kounavi), Crete
Winery Stilianou

Winery Stilianou is one of the wineries in Crete island that produces pure organic wines.

Winery Stilianou

✦ The Location of the Organic Winery Stilianou

 Winery Stilianou

This gem of a winery is up the hills of Crete where the majority of the vineyards are found. It is located in the village of Kounavi.

✦ The Wines at the Organic Winery Stilianou

Stilianou wines

The main reason why we decided to visit the Winery Stilianou, it is because the wines are organic wines.

The cultivation of this vineyard is carried out according to organic standards and from using the traditional techniques that are used on the island.

These techniques are friendly to the environment. And as a result, the wines are pure, natural, and organic.

This winery has a nice wine tasting and tour.

✦ The Road Trip to the Organic Winery Stilianou

Winery Stilianou

This is a road trip that has narrow roads. It leads to the mountainous regions of Crete. This area has great scenic views and a lot of Greek villages.

When you arrive, the front yard of this winery has a spectacular view of the Cretan hills.

✦ The Guided Tour of the Winery’s Production Facility

The winery hosts will take you through the journey of an organic wine tour and tasting. This included going behind the scenes of this winery.

Winery Stilianou

The presentation of their products and their techniques of wine and olive oil making process is in great detail. And in both Greek and English languages.

Winery Stilianou

During the tour, the visitors are able to learn the winemaking process, see the cellars and also ask questions.

✦ The Wine Tasting At The Winery Stilianou

Winery Stilianou

After the tour, there is a sampling of all the wines and oils produced here. This is a complimentary tasting in an indoor wine bar. At the end of the experience, it makes it easier to select and shop for your favorite wines.

✦ The Shop

At the end of the tour, you can shop for your favorites and take home a taste of organic wines of Crete. And they ensure that the wines and the olive oils are packaged properly for traveling through the airports.

Without a doubt, if you’re visiting the island of Crete, one of the things to do is a wine tasting and the tour.

Some Tips

  • The premises are clean
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy a bottle of wine
  • Not accessible by means of public transport