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Chania is a city in Crete Island that has numerous options for sightseeing, with many things to do, and to explore.

The following are the top things to do while visiting this city:

✦ 1. Old Venetian Harbour in Chania, Crete

Old Venetian Harbour in Chania

This harbor was built by the Venetians. It was once one of the most important harbors of the Mediterranean sea. Today, this is a nice area to have a walk when in this city.

✦ 2. Al Hammam Authentic Turkish Baths

Chania, Greece

The Hammams (public baths) were brought to Chania by the Ottomans of Asia Minor. The public baths played an important role in this city. They served as places of body cleaning and social gathering.

✦ 3. Walk to the Venetian Lighthouse

Venetian Lighthouse Chania

The Venetian lighthouse is easily recognized by its unique shape. This is one of the top historical attractions in this city.

Chania Crete Island

It is considered to be the symbol of Chania.

✦ 4. The Archaeological Museum of Chania, Crete

This museum is located inside the St. Francis Catholic Church. This is not far away from the Venetian harbor in the city. It showcases the history of Chania and Crete Island.

✦ 5. Stroll Around The Alleys of the Old Town

Old Town Chania

The old town is a place on its own to explore. This area has beautiful streets that have shops, Greek restaurants, cafés, and bars.

✦ 6. Firkas Fortress

Firkas Fortress  Chania

The Venetians fortified the main cities on the island during their rule. And the main reason for the construction of these fortresses was to protect the cities.

✦ 7. A Horse Ride In Chania, Crete

Horse Ride Crete Island

After familiarizing yourself with the city, a horse-drawn carriage to tour around the sights in the city is an option to go for. This is something to enjoy and at the same time to visit attractions in the city in style.

Crete Island

This is a route through the pedestrian streets of the old town Chania. You will be able to see more historical buildings, monuments, an old shipyard, and other places in the city. 

Crete Island

Some Tips

  • Avoid peak seasons
  • You can choose the different duration for your horse-drawn carriage tour. Of course at an extra fee