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The Springs of Kallithea

Kallithea Springs is a top place on this island that has a combination of everything that one needs during a holiday.

✦ Why is it a Top Attraction?

The Springs of Kallithea

This place is well designed, has great ambiance from gardens combined by the springs and the sea. This makes it one of the beautiful attractions on Rhodes Island.

✦ Is Kallithea Springs Open to the Public?

The Springs of Kallithea

Everyone is welcomed to the Kallithea Springs; a place where you will not only enjoy the beach but also you will enjoy the whole complex.

This complex was built around the springs with the aim of attracting tourists with its breathtaking and spectacular scenes. The following is the list of things to do in this place:

✦1. A Wedding Venue

The Springs of Kallithea

This great venue for a destination wedding. It doesn’t require a lot of preparations because its design has it all.

✦ 2. The Bay For Snorkeling

Kallithea Springs

Kalithea Springs is located next to the sea and this area is great for snorkeling.

This is because the water in the area is crystal clear. Thus, you can enjoy your holiday exploring sea life here.

✦ 3. The Beach at the Kallithea Springs

The Springs of Kallithea

A visit to the beach at the springs will be the highlight on the island of Rhodes. Here, you can enjoy some watersports and relax in one of the sunbeds.

✦ 4. The views at the Kalithea Springs

The Springs of Kallithea

Indeed, there are beautiful views of the bay, the beach, the complex and the gardens.

✦ 5. The Gardens of the Kallithea Springs

The Springs of Kallithea

Nothing makes a place more attractive than a well designed and a great maintained garden.

There are different species of plants in this place. Also, the swaying palm trees will make you lose the count of time.

✦ 6. The Thermal Springs

The Springs of Kallithea

Last but not least, you can stroll through the site of the thermal springs. These springs are the main reason why the whole complex exist in this place.

Some Tips

  • There are a restaurant and a souvenir shop
  • There is a large and free parking lot
  • An entrance fee is charged to access the facilities
The Springs of Kallithea
The Springs of Kallithea