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Rhodes is an island in Greece that has a number of historical attractions to visit, nice beaches, and great weather during the summer.

The Island of Rhodes, Greece

It is an island that is not only ideal for those who want to rest and relax but also for a holiday that has other things to do for your bucket list. The following are the top things to do on the island:

✦ 1. Springs of Kallithea

The Springs of Kallithea

This is one of the most attractive places on this island. It is made up of a beautiful garden, a beach, and the springs. It is an attraction that you can’t miss out on when on the island of Rhodes.

✦ 2. Medieval Old Town Of Rhodes

The Medieval Old Town Of  Rhodes

This is one of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO on this Greek island.

It is surrounded by tall and strong walls. And it is a place where visitors enjoy strolling through the world of history.

✦ 3. Snorkeling In Rhodes Greece

Kallithea Springs

One of the places that are known to be great for snorkeling on the island is at Kallithea. Here, you can enjoy the adventure of exploring the underwater world.

✦ 4. City of Lindos

The city of Lindos, Rhodes

This is a beautiful village on Rhodes island. It is located on the hillside that overlooks the sea. The city has a combination of the flavors from the beach, to history and then to Greek culture.

✦ 5. A Donkey Ride in Lindos

Riding a donkey in the city of  Lindos

The means of transport in the city of Lindos are donkeys. Have a donkey ride up to the Acropolis and then down the hill, just for fun and to have different views of this city.

✦ 6. Panormitis Monastery Rhodes Greece

Panormitis Monastery

To visit the monastery is an adventure that is mostly included in the boat cruises on this island. It is a monastery that has a museum, a nice yard, a hotel, and of course a church.

✦ 7. A Boat Cruise to Symi Island

Boat Cruise in Symi Island

This is a boat cruise to a neighboring island.

Symi island has colorful house facades, fishing boats, water sports, and great seafood.

✦ 8. Acropolis of Rhodes, Greece

Acropolis of Rhodes

This is an interesting historical site that is located not far from the main city of Rhodes. It dates from the classical Greek period.

✦ 9. Kallithea’s Beach

Kallithea's Beach

This is a nice beach that has clear water.

✦ 10. Orthodox Church

Greek Orthodox Church

In general, Greece is dominated by the Greek Orthodox Churches. The architecture of these churches is breathtaking. But keep in mind that to visit these churches, an all covered-up dress code for women is required.