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The Koules Venetian Fortress is an attraction that has stood the test of time in the city of Heraklion.

Before exploring the mountain ranges, beaches, rough and rocky terrains, and the gorges on the island, this fortress should be the starting point.

✦ Why Start Here?

The City of Heraklion

The city of Heraklion is the main city on this island. And this fortress is like the sign and the pride of the city.

✦ The Role of the Koules Venetian Fortress

The Fortress of Koules

It was built as part of the defensive system to protect the city. This was when the island of Crete was under the rule of the Venetians and later the Ottomans.

The Fortress of Koules

✦ How is the Fortress?

The Fortress of Koules

There are two large in size floors in this fortress.

On the ground floor, there are a number of rooms that were used by the military for storage. Then on the first floor, there are spaces for placing canons and for watching out towards the sea. This is the most beautiful part of this fortress.

The Fortress of Koules

✦ The Museum at the Koules Venetian Fortress

The Fortress of Koules

Today, you can access the information here on its development, history of the fortress, and the city of Heraklion.

 The Fortress of Koules

This is well done through info panels, videos, and museum exhibits that are set up in various rooms of the fortress. They are in both Greek and English language.

It is well preserved and the displays are well laid out.

✦ The Views


On the upper floor, the massive walls have open arcs. And from here, there are the beautiful view of the sea, the harbor, and the city of Heraklion.

The walk around this fortress is a must and then take a stroll at the Heraklion seafront.

 The Fortress of Koules

Some Tips

  • The parking at the Port of Heraklion is free of charge on Sundays
  • The entrance fee is quite affordable
  • It’s a 10 minutes walk from the city