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Fixing the sleep patterns for newborns is one of the first tasks that the parents have to do. This is because they can’t tell the difference between the day and the night. The following are some of the tips on how to fix it:

✦ 1. Using the Natural Light

It is done by lighting up your house using the natural light during the day. This is by opening up the windows and curtains. By doing this, it will help the newborn to adapt. The baby will recognize the difference between the day and the night with time. This will also help in the development of the vision of the baby.

✦ 2. The Baby Light

These lights help the parents in fixing the sleep patterns for the newborns. This is because, the majority of these lights, are made in such a way that the baby can be able to tell the difference between their light and the natural light. Also, they have sounds that soothe the baby to sleep.

Remember to switch off the other light before using the baby light.

✦ 3. Create a Routine For the Newborn

Having an appropriate routine that suits you and your baby is key. This includes the time when the baby sleeps at night. You can choose to feed it, give a burp, and then a massage before bedtime. This can be followed up by swaddling the baby and a lullaby.

✦ 4. Cleaning up the Newborn

It is advised not to bathe the newborn every day. But the day you are not bathing the baby, you can choose to wipe the baby in the morning and before bedtime. Then you can use some oil to give the baby a massage. This will help the body of the baby to relax. It will make it easier for the baby to fall asleep after a good feed.