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The little black dress is definitely one of the essential pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe

The following are the tips and tricks on how to spice up the dress:

1 ✦ How To Wear The Little Black Dress As A Casual Wear

Casual wear for women is all about comfortable and relaxed clothes.

Indeed, you can still make a style statement while in the little black dress as casual wear.

If you are going to walk around, comfortable shoes are the first thing you need to consider. Thus, going for the following types of shoes will be ideal:

  • Sport shoes
  • Moccasins
  • loafers
  • Flat shoes
  • Sandals
the little black dress

Adding sunglasses or a hat to the dress or even both will get you an ideal look.

For a colder day, you can also match your dress with a warm jacket.

This will be much better if you match it with a jacket for another color, other than black.

Adding a jacket to the little black dress

Practical Information

Pay attention while picking the handbag

3 ✦ How To Give The Dress An Evening Look

If you are getting ready for an evening, pick high heels for it.

You can pick stilettos, boats or even wedges for that style.

Adding a belt to the dress

Adding a belt to the dress highlights your waist and enhances your shape. Certainly, this always looks good on everyone.

Other great accessories that you can try out are:

  • The brooch
  • A scarf
  • The pearls

For a colder evening, you can go for a shawl, to make your looks more effective. You can also match the shawl with your shoes.

Finish up the look with a clutch or a small handbag. For example, picking a shiny silver or golden clutch, you can match it with a necklace or a belt.

The Little black dress

3 ✦ How To Give The Dress An Office Look

You can spice up the look by adding a black blazer with a pair of wedges.

Complementing the look with wedges

Matching it with a jacket will create more depth for the style. In contrast, you can pick a bright colored jacket or a scarf to complement the look.

Complementing the look with a white blazer

Last but not least, you can also wear a little black dress with a cardigan. This may be buttoned up or not.

The little black dress with a cardigan

Adding a belt to the cardigan will give a beautiful look which is absolutely suitable for work.

Some Tips For The Little Black Dress

  • Try out several types and widths of belts to find the most suitable option
  • For a dazzling look, pick bright colors for the accessories
  • Bold colors are great for adding an impact to your look


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