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Breastfeeding Must-Haves

Feeding a newborn is part of the journey of motherhood. And it is all about doing what works for a mum. This can be breastfeeding, formula, or even both of them. Thus, as you wait for your bundle of joy, this post will help you to have a list of the breastfeeding must-haves. A new mum needs to be as comfortable as it can be. And this will make it easier and enjoyable for both the baby and the mum. And here goes the list:

✦ 1. Nursing Clothes

These includes:

  • Nursing Bras
  • Nursing Dresses and Tops
  • Burping Clothes
  • Bibs

✦ Nursing Bras

Getting the correct size of the nursing bras for your boobs will provide you with the needed comfort. This will prevent the sagging of your boobs after the breastfeeding journey. Also, they provide easy access to nurse your baby. To save some money, you can already start investing in these bras in the early stages of your pregnancy. Then you can start wearing them during the third trimester because the boobs will enlarge.

✦ Dresses and Tops For Nursing

In the same case as the nursing bras, these clothes will offer comfort and ease while breastfeeding. To top up the icing on the cake, you can get them in different styles and colors to spice up the journey. The most important factor is to ensure that they are from nice fabrics.

✦ Burping Clothes

After breastfeeding the baby, you have to burp the little one. To make this process run without getting all messy, burping clothes are a breastfeeding must-have. They are inexpensive and easy to clean. Make sure you have as many as you can from the word go.

✦ Baby bibs

The newborns do mess up the clothes a lot. To avoid a hip of clothes to wash and to iron, get as many bibs as you can.

✦ 2. Products For the Nipples on the Breastfeeding Must-haves List

✦ Nipple Cream

After giving birth to your beautiful baby, you will have sore nipples. You will experience a little pain when you start breastfeeding in the first few days. But this will reduce within a few days. Nipple cream will help you in this journey so that you can enjoy nursing.

✦ Nursing Pads on the List of the Breastfeeding Must-haves

These will save you from some embarrassment. This is from the nipple leaking. It can happen suddenly at any time and at any place. And it can start happening already when you are pregnant during the third trimester. Investing in quality nursing pads will help you not to have the milk on your clothes.

✦ 3. Pump, Feeding Bootles, and Sterilizer

The new mothers who choose to go for full-time breastfeeding, don’t have to buy the pump, feeding bottles, and sterilizer. But the mums who choose to go for part-time breastfeeding, for instance, the working mothers or mothers who can not produce enough milk, it will be great to have these.

✦ 4. Pregnancy Pillow For Breastfeeding Must-haves

When a baby is a newborn, the majority of them are tinny. This type of pillow is also used during the pregnancy, it is also hardy during the breastfeeding of a newborn. This is because it helps to raise the baby a little higher. This makes it easier for the baby to latch on the nipple. Then in this way, the mother does not have to strain her back.