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It takes more than the products that a parent settles for, for the baby to have healthy skin. These include very small details like a healthy diet, changing the towels, or disinfect the baby’s bathtub, just to mention but a few. The following are the routines that will help the new parents achieve this:

✦ 1. Disinfecting Baby Items

After cleaning up all the items used by the baby, then disinfecting them is very important. It is one of the top routines that the new parent should include in their daily program. Always keep it at the back of your mind that the disinfectants that you use should be suitable for the baby’s skin.

✦ 2. The Skin Care Products

✦ 1. Baby Cleaning Products

This includes baby oils, baby shampoos, and wash lotion. Remember that the skin of babies is sensitive. Therefore, from the word go, make sure that the water that you are using is lukewarm. If you are not sure, you can use the thermometer to be sure that it is not above 39.5°c. Then, get to know what kind of skin that your baby has. It may end up being a game of trial and error but finally, you will get the correct ones. You can also ask your pediatrician to be 100% sure.

The other routine should be changing the towels as often as you can. Besides, the use of disposable washcloths will help your baby’s skin to be smooth.

✦ 2. Lotions For a Healthy Baby Skin

These include the lotions used on the hair and the body. Make sure that these products have the correct PH for the skin of your baby. Same as the baby cleaning products, you can get a piece of advice from the pediatrician.

✦ 3. Diaper Rash Cream

When the diaper rash appears, they are as hard to the baby as they are hard to the parents. Using this product will not only help to prevent the rash but also relieve the pain caused by the rash once it appears. Also, make sure you change the diapers as often as you can, to keep that area dry.

✦ 4. Weather Protection Creams For a Healthy Baby Skin

These are the products that will protect the skin of the baby from the sun during the summer and the ones that will protect the skin during the cold season. Babies have very sensitive skin that can burn easily. A good sunscreen lotion will not only protect the skin of the baby but also moisturize it. Make sure that the sunscreen is meant for infants.

✦ 3. Baby Clothes For a Healthy Baby Skin

How you clean the clothes of the baby and how often you do it, will eventually show on the skin of the baby. First and foremost, when the clothes of the baby are dirty, change them. It doesn’t matter if he or she wore them some seconds ago. Then, watch out for the detergents that you use to clean those clothes with. Last but not least, don’t wash the clothes of the baby together with the clothes of the other members of the family.

Last but not least, make it a habit to change the beddings as often as you can.