You are currently viewing First Trimester of the Pregnancy (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)

The first trimester of the pregnancy is the beginning of a beautiful journey. Also, this trimester is a critical stage in the growth of the pregnancy.

This journey is not of real concern when one is young until when one is older. And as they say, this is the time when the biological clock is ticking. But the truth is, it comes in a package. And this is it:

✦ 1. The Good in First Trimester of the Pregnancy

✦ 1.The Great News

Just getting to know that one is pregnant is great news by itself. Meaning that one will be a mother or a father and that it could be a boy, girl, twins, or even more. This is special, life-changing and it brings so much joy to the couple.

✦ 2. The Bad

✦ 1. The Anxiety in First Trimester of the Pregnancy

As much as the news of being pregnant brings so much happiness, it also comes with a lot of anxiety. This is because in this trimester there is a high risk of losing the pregnancy.

✦ 2. Changes in the Body

This is when the essential body parts of the baby start to develop. And this causes the body of the mother to work more. Thus, the side effects because there is so much going in the body. This includes feeling exhausted, nausea, food aversion, just to mention but a few.

Despite having all the body changes, one is also trying to keep it a secret. And this is until the risk of a miscarriage is lower. And even if the risk is lower, one is never 100% sure that the pregnancy will be a full term.

✦ 3.The Ugly

This is a welcome to the world of worriers. It comes from if something will go wrong or if one is doing the correct thing. It is a scary world even after the baby is born and as it grows up. But don’t worry too much, and make sure you are doing your best!

And if the unexpected happens, there is the guilt that the mother feels. In this case, seek help and know that it is not your fault. It is just bad luck and please, do not give up.