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Are you planning to take go for a holiday on Crete island? Then this post will help you to know what to expect.

These few tips will help you to enjoy this island in Greece.

✦ Why Crete Island?

Crete Island

This is a Greek island that has a whole package of a great holiday. And it is because this is a destination that has historical sites, beaches, mountains, gorges, great weather, nightlife, and Greek food.

✦ How to Get Around

Chania, Crete Island

The best way to explore this island during your vacation is by renting a car. On this island, it’s possible to have big brands of vehicles at cheap prices.

And from some of our past experiences, the bus tours are not always the way to go. Thus, a rental car will make your journey comfortable and flexible. It gives you the freedom to go anywhere you like, at any given time during your holiday.

✦ Feral Cats in Crete Island

Crete Island

Are you a cat lover? Then Crete Island is a holiday destination for you.

You will be struck by the sight of cats roaming on the streets, others dozing off in the sites, and loitering around restaurants looking for  handouts

Most of these cats in Crete Island are feral cats. And as a matter of fact, the majority of these cats are not vaccinated or spayed.

You will also encounter many starving cats, with unkempt appearances and skinny framed cats.

✦ Flushing the toilet paper In Crete

City of Heraklion

On this island, you can’t flush the toilet paper. 

This is because much of the Crete’s sewage systems are installed by the use of small pipes that simply cannot cope with it and it can lead to a blockage.

After using the toilet paper, you have to place it in a bin. Everywhere on the island, you will always see a “no paper in here please” sign in the toilets.

Being a first-time visitor in Crete Island, this is a culture shock but hey, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! Just take the scented wipes with you.

✦ The Charm of Crete Island

Crete Island

Crete Island is a destination with so many varieties of things to do. The rich history, the traditional small villages, and exotic sandy beaches are the charm of this Greek island.