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Easter in Kenya

Easter is not just another holiday to take a rest for a lot of Christians in Kenya. But it’s a day that they take the main reason for this season at the back of their minds even as they choose to do other things. Besides, we can’t deny the fact that how they celebrate this holiday has changed over the years. But there is one thing that has remained and it is for sure. And that is Christians in this country still enjoy celebrating Easter. The older generations seem to have done a great job in teaching their children the importance of this day in the Christian calendar. And of course, we can’t forget to applaud the young Kenyans for upholding this tradition.

✦ Religion in Kenya

Kenyans are religious and it is evident in all generations, in the rural areas, towns, and in all cities in the country. Besides, there is a diverse range of religions in Kenya. These include Christianity, Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Wakorino. Christianity which includes the Catholics and the protestants has the largest number of followers. And this has remained like that for many years.

✦ The Easter Monday

This day in Kenya is considered a holiday thus, making this weekend a long one. The majority of the working population does not go to work on this day. And all the schools during this period are closed, thus, the parents and children have the time to spend with each other. Are you thinking of shopping or do you have a plan to go to a government office? Then you better change that plan, this is because, on this day, many businesses and offices are closed.

✦ Easter Celebrations in Kenya

In both the urban and rural areas, the Christians go to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This marks an important day in their calendar. Christians believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for their salvation. In addition, this was the beginning of the New Testament and their faith in Christ. After the church services, the celebrations continue with families and friends spending time together and sharing a meal. And the other Kenyan who in their faith don’t celebrate Easter, on this weekend, it’s also an opportunity to spend time with their families and rest.

✦ How Easter Celebrations in Kenya Have Changed over the Time

Like anywhere else in the world, a lot has changed in Kenya, and this includes how people celebrate Easter. The following are some things that people do differently during this holidays:

✦ 1. Travelling During Easter in Kenya

Before, in the Easter holidays, Kenyans traveled from the cities heading to the rural areas to join their loved ones in the celebration mood of this season. It was common to find large crowds in all of the bus stations in all the towns in the country. As they were all heading to the rural areas to join their families for Easter.

Today, some people still do that but other Kenyans choose to travel and explore the world both locally or internationally. Many travelers choose to travel in the country because it’s not a long holiday. This kind of travel gives the locals chances to experience their own country. This country is beautiful and it has a lot to offer. No wonder it is known as Magical Kenya. This is from mountain climbing to safaris in the wild, beaches holidays, road trips, desert safaris, just to mention but a few.

✦ 2. Food and Beverages

Some time back, there existed the special type of foods that were mostly eaten on special occasions like Easter and Christmas. This included chapatis, chicken, nyama choma, and sodas. Today, this doesn’t exist anymore. This is because families work hard and as they call it, they do the hustle to ensure that they provide for their loved ones. And that makes it possible that they can eat good food on daily basis.

Also, in the Easter mood celebrations, families or friends may go and enjoy themselves by doing other activities like for instance, a road trip to Naivasha, Nakuru, or Nanyuki. This includes also a stopover in a local nyama choma place or a sleepover in a resort that offers dinner and breakfast. Other people choose to cook at home and others go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

✦ 3. Dress Code

Also not so long time ago, there existed the culture of Sunday best clothes and wearing new clothes during the Easter and Christmas holiday. Now, this is something that no longer exists. People try to live their best lives every day.

✦ 4. Photography

There existed photographers who people had to book to come and take photos for the family gatherings which were held mostly during Easter and Christmas. Today, with the existence of smartphones and cameras being affordable, it’s different. It makes it possible that all members of the family can take photos of their own, to have good memories and at their own comfort.