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When a couple decides to go for a destination wedding, one of the main challenges is to go through all the wedding locations and then choose one of them.

The following is the list of the top locations to consider for your big day to tie the knot:

✦1. Kallithea Springs, Rhodes Island

Destination Wedding Locations

This is a unique wedding location to pick in Greece. It has an all-inclusive facility for your dream wedding.

The complex is located next to a beach. And this beach has nice palm trees. Besides, the buildings are well designed and this will provide a great setting for your wedding.

The gardens at the facities are the icing on the cake.

✦2. Diani Beach, Kenya For the Destination Wedding Locations

Destination Wedding Locations

This beach offers more than the palm trees and the white sand. It has a laid back atmosphere and there are luxurious options too.

It is home to a lot of resorts and private villas that offer wedding packages. Your guests will be treated with a seafood dinner and with a nice sunset next to the ocean after the wedding.

✦3. Agio Nikolaos Chapel, Crete Island

Destination Wedding Locations

This is one of the destination wedding locations that have a romantic setting to have your nuptials.

It is a small chapel that is located on a rock in the sea. Later, the guests will understand why you picked up this place.

This setting is unique and it is only found on this Greek island. It has a backdrop of the mountains, the sea, and the beach.

✦4. Belvedere Palace, Austria For the Destination Wedding Locations

Destination Wedding Locations

Getting hitched in a baroque palace and then it is combined with a backdrop of its gardens, it is a dream come true for a lot of couples.

The palace provides the rooms and at a cost, of course, for the wedding events and the reception in Vienna. This is a venue that will provide an ideal photoshoot in the same place.

✦5. James del Agua, Lanzarote

Destination Wedding Locations

This is a peaceful place to tie the knot. It is surrounded by nature and if a couple loves nature, this is a location to go for.

The guests will enjoy the calm in the cave and the small lake. The guests will enjoy the cocktails next to the pool. And maybe consider taking your vows next to the blue pool.

Last but not least, the entourage can ride on the buggies to spice up your day.