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The city of Lindos, Rhodes Island Greece

The city of Lindos is a top destination to explore on the island of Rhodes in Greece.

✦ Why is the City of Lindos Unique?

Rhodes Island
Rhodes Island

This city has white houses that are on the hill. This hill is next to the sea, and then the Acropolis towers above it. This makes the city have a lasting impression.

How is the city of Lindos, Greece?

The City of Lindos

The city is located on the east coast of the island. And it is a charming city and it is one of its kind on this island.

The City of Lindos
The City of Lindos

✦ Experience From The City of Lindos

The Acropolis in Lindos
The Acropolis in The City of Lindos

This lovely town has narrow streets, with white houses and shops. It is full of beauty, atmosphere, and flavors of the history of Greece.

There are a lot of bars and rooftop restaurants that have great views of the Acropolis and Lindos Bay.

Rhodes Island

There are many shops in the town. And you can also visit the beach.

Riding a donkey in the City of Lindos Greece

Riding a donkey in the city of Lindos

The means of transport in this town with very narrow streets are the donkeys. Take a donkey ride up to the Acropolis and then down again. This is of course at a price. And you will be able to take in the views from many different vantage points.

Riding a donkey in the city of Lindos

The Acropolis itself is a piece of history and has very interesting architecture. The views from the top are just breathtaking.

Finally, enjoy a Greek meal at a rooftop restaurant with a view.

✦ Some Tips For the Donkey Ride

  • Just be aware that the ride may turn out to be different from your expectations
  • Don’t be terrified to ride the donkey
  •  Just relax and enjoy the views and the ride