Crazy Travel Tales from Rome


Having five nights to spend in Rome  (Part I) & (Part II)  during Christmas, we had an action packed holiday.  In our adventure to explore Rome, we decide to narrow down our focus and to visit the Vatican, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Colosseum and Roman Forum. This is because Rome is a big city with allot to offer. Therefore, it  could take us a life time to explore it.

What happens in Rome, stays in Rome, right? In this case, I really don’t think so! To have a great travel content writing for my readers, I think that it’s  important for me to write  about all concrete details (both positive and negative) of a destination.

While traveling, there so many encounters which are breathtaking, memorable and also unexpected. All these experiences are the ones that  make traveling interesting. In this blog, I have decided to share the crazy travel tales or even embarrassing moments  from our adventures in the capital city of Italy . In real sense, these crazy travel  stories might make you wonder why I would go back to Rome. Without a doubt, I will go back to Rome again and again, but I’ll be alittle more cautious.

Indeed,  while traveling or even in real life, the unexpected always happen! (more…)

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Rome, Italy (Part ll)

The Spanish steps


The Spanish steps

The best way to explore the Ancient city center of Rome, that’s to walk. As we strolled through Rome’s picturesque cobblestone alleyways, we discovered some of the world’s most famous sites. It was so rewarding.

At the foot of the Spanish Steps, the area had endless supply of boutiques, designer shops and a wide range of restaurants and bars. This is not only one of the richest streets in Italy but also one of the best for shopping in Rome.

The Spanish steps were basically staircase constructed using 138 steps. The three flights represent the Trinity. When we arrived  at the very top of the steps, we had  the bird’s eye view of the Roman rooftops, the prestigious Palazzi and the hustle and bustle of the Piazza. It wasn’t an easy climb, we had to take some breaks.

“The best education I have ever received was through travel.”~ Lisa Ling


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Rome, Italy (Part I)

Rome has always been in my bucket list, even though my bucket list is continuously being altered, updated and rejuvenated as I get older.  With some traveling experience, first thing first, we bought the travel guide for Rome, which included the translation of simple phrases in the Italian language. They say, “If you go to Rome, do as Romans do.” It’s not that easy to do exactly like the Romans but anyway, we gathered the information that we thought could be useful for our travel.

We arrived in Rome on a Christmas Eve. The people of Rome were generally quite welcoming and they seemed to be used to the tourists. We stayed in a hotel just some meters away from the Roma Termini Railway Station. The hotel management was exceptional welcoming and they were very kind to alert us regarding the pickpockets. Therefore, it was vital that we kept an extra vigilant eye on our personal belongings.  (more…)

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