Top Attractions To Visit While In Rome, Italy
Rome Italy

As they say that Rome was not built in a day, thus, it could take a lifetime to explore the top attractions of this city.

The history of this city spans over 2,000 years. This includes a transformation of a small village to the center of a vast empire, then to the founding of the Catholic Church and into the capital city of Italy today.

The following are the top attractions that you cannot miss out while in the Italian capital:

✦ 1. The Colosseum

The Colosseum is an amphitheater that is located in the center of the city of Rome and the east of the Roman Forum.

Some parts of the original Colosseum have been destroyed over the years, but the amphitheater has remained a popular tourist destination and an iconic symbol of Rome.

A visit to this place is an exciting experience and a full immersion into history.

The Colosseum

✦ 2. The Rome Forum as a Top Attractions in Rome

This is a great place to walk around through the memories of the past.

I would highly recommend that you book a tour because you will get more out of the whole experience.

You will learn more and understand the rich history of this part of Rome, and the archaeological complexity of what has been excavated.

It is a huge site, therefore, give yourself a couple of hours to explore and to get the most out of it.

The Rome Forum

✦ 3. The Spanish Steps

The most gratifying way to explore the city of Rome is through walking.

As we strolled through the cobblestones alleyways of this city, we came across some of the world’s famous historical sites in this city. One of these was the Spanish Steps.

The Spanish Steps, Rome

The Spanish steps are a staircase that is constructed using the 138 steps in 3 flights. At the very top of these steps, you get the panoramic view of Rome, the prestigious Palazzi, and the Piazza.

Panaromic view of Rome

At the foot of the Spanish Steps is one of the richest streets in Italy which lined up with designer shops, restaurants, and cafes.

✦ 4. The Fountains in Rome

In Europe, almost all the squares have fountains. The same applies to the city of Rome. The difference is that fountains in this city for some reason, also attract visitors.

A Fountain in Rome

The following are some of the fountains to see in this city:

✦ The Fontana Della Barcaccia Fountain

This fountain is an attraction for many tourists.

It is located at the foot of the Spanish Steps.

The Fontana Della Barcaccia is made into a shape of a half-sunken ship, while the water is overflowing from its sides.

The legends have it that long time ago when the Tiver Tiber flooded, the water carried a boat into Piazza di Spagna and when the water receded, the boat was left at the center of the square. Thus, the creation of this fountain.

Fontana Della Barcaccia Fountain in  Rome

✦ The Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous Baroque fountains in Rome. It is also one of the famous fountains in the world.

It is believed that throwing a coin into this fountain will ensure that return to visit the city of Rome once again in the future.

✦ 5. The Churches in the City of Rome

In Rome there are many churches and being the center of the Catholic Church it’s not a surprise.

Indeed, the city is home to many of the world’s most beautiful churches. The following are some of the churches to visit while in Italy’s capital:

✦ Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

This is one of the largest churches in Rome. It is a church that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus Christ.

Every part of this church has a religious history and it is filled with art, artifacts and breathtaking architecture.

✦ Santa Maria Degli Angeli

Of all the churches that we visited while in Rome, this was one that stood out and the most fascinating.

The historical preservations and the architecture of this church are very unique and you can’t miss this out while visiting the city of Rome.

Santa Maria Degli Angeli in Rome

✦ 6. Castel Sant’ Angelo Museum in Rome

The Castel Sant’ Angelo Museum has been a subject of transformation from both architectural and the structural point of view over the years.

This castle truly encompasses the essence of the Rome transformation throughout the centuries.

Castel Sant' Angelo Museum in Rome

How this castle has taken a myriad of roles throughout its lifetime, remains a subject of fascination even today.

Don’t miss out to go inside and enjoy it’s a wide range of treasures while in Italy’s capital.

✦ 7. The Vatican As A Top Attractions in Rome

I don’t think that a visit to the city of Rome is complete without a visit to the Vatican.

The Vatican is the world’s smallest independent state and the seat of the Catholic Church. This where the Pope calls home.

It has preserved its status as one of the sacred places in Christianity. Thus, there is no better way to enjoy Rome than going for the mass at the Vatican.

The Vatican

✦ Some Tips For Top Attractions in Rome

  • Stroll through the city Rome
  • Be careful  while crossing the streets in Rome
  • Get comfortable walking shoe because Rome is a hilly city
  • Watch out for the pickpockets


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