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The Tour to Robben Island started and ended at the Nelson Mandela Gateway near the clock tower at the V&A Waterfront. V&A Waterfront is a huge shopping and entertainment area at the slopes of Table Mountain, next to the harbour. It was also an area with allot of tourists. With all the possibilities in that area, we had a plan for the next day.

The same day, we were so lucky to find a very good and honest taxi driver by the name Raymond who ended up being our tour guide and our friend. He is a Zulu and from him, we also learnt about the Zulu culture. The following morning, he dropped us at the Two Oceans Aquarium. It was a breathtaking experience. If you visit Cape Town, add this to your to do list, you will thank me later. It took us around 3 hours and then it was time to enjoy shopping, seafood, drinks and the last but not least the Cape wheel. I have to mention that the security was very tight around V&A Waterfront area.

Being lovers of nature, plan for an adventurous day out was not a bad idea.  After all, we had rested for some days. The perfect destination was Cape Point; the most southern point of Africa.

The drive from Cape Town to Cape point around the Cape Peninsula is a “must do” day trip when visiting Cape Town. It is a beautiful scenic drive that  passes through several towns and beaches. We stopped over at every town on the way to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. Continue reading

The Fountain of Montjuïc

Barcelona has a combination of everything that is interesting in a Mediterranean city; A relaxing place, warm temperatures, unbeatable food scene and breathtaking architecture. On the day we arrived in Barcelona, I had high expectations, because first, it was my second visit to Spain and secondly, it was my birthday’s treat. I’m glad that it turned out as my expectations.

Continue reading

With over 50,000 animals from across the world, there can never be a shortage of incredible things to see in an Aquarium. My husband and I, we are fans of aquariums of any kind and size. This is the reason why we chose to go to Cretaquarium. It is rather small but again it emphasizes on Mediterranean sea life. A must see if you want to have an idea of the Mediterranean sea life.

It is well maintained and well laid out. There is also sufficient information available in several languages. The tanks allow great visibility and you can take quite some time just watching the fish cruise around. From some experiences, taking a closer look has its rewards; you might see something you’ve never noticed before or learn something new about one of your favorite marine animals, or discover an entirely new creature that you’ve never seen before. For example mussels growing on ropes was all new to me and I got to learn about it. Thanks to  Cretaquarium! Continue reading

Barcelona is a beautiful seaside city with boundless culture, breathtaking architecture and one of the world’s most captivating cities. Being a lover History, our stroll through the cobblestone lanes of the Gothic quarter while thinking about the people in the past centuries who walked also through the same streets, was an indescribable experience. Then the food scene and the drinks, the experience was simply unforgettable!

The stroll through La Rambla summed up our trip to Barcelona as superb. It is a street full of life throughout the day and night. There is something relaxing while you are in such places; to grab a drink and then sitting and relaxing while watching the world go by. My husband and I, we love just taking steps back and just enjoy being in such an incredible city without the stress of having to force ourselves through the crowds. Continue reading

On the Table Mountain


On my birthday 2011, I received the book -Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela from a friend. After several days, I started reading the book written by one of the icons of African History. This began my fascination to visit Robben Island one day.

Not after too long, I was heading there. The flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town had an impressive aerial scenery: mountains, winelands and great sandy beaches and I could not wait to explore the beautiful Cape Town.

We stayed in an apartment in Kenilworth, in Western Cape. The majority of population in Kenilworth were the White people contrary to my motherland Kenya. Kenilworth railway station is on the main line from Cape Town to Simon’s Town which was very handy for us.

After familiarising ourselves with our surroundings, it was time to go for a picnic at prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town; Table Mountain. We choose the cable car over hiking to the Mountain. The cable car was modern and it rotated giving us an incredible views of the city as we made our way to the Table Mountain. It was the most beautiful scenery overlooking the city of Cape Town. You got to experience this but make sure you invest in some good walking shoes. Continue reading

After indulging ourselves in a shopping spree, we were looking for something to do and at the same time to enjoy a walk on the way there. There was no other better choice than the Parc Güell, which was on our things to do list while in Barcelona. We walked from the center of the city and its uphill the whole way. The trek led to an increasing beautiful panorama of the landscape with each step. Continue reading


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