Our Summer Holiday In The Island Of Rhodes

Certainly, the Island of Rhodes is celebrated for its natural beauty and delightful climate. No wonder, it is a major tourist attraction for the seekers of sunny beaches.

Without a doubt, whether you arrive in this island in search of buzzing nightlife, or sun, or diving in crystal clear waters; The Island of Rhodes has it all!

Back to our adventures, we decided to go for a road trip around the island after having had quite a number of excursions. This  brought us to magnificent beaches, impressive sightseeing (more…)

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The Whispering Voices Of History From The Medieval Old Town Of  Rhodes

For a well balanced and a healthy life, vacations are a necessity. The following are some of the reasons why:

  • We emerge from a vacation feeling ready to take on the world again
  • We gain a new perspective
  • Get to relax with our families and friends,
  • We get a break from our usual routines


Therefore, it’s important to make yourself a priority and take some time off.

Indeed, everyone or every family has their own unique holiday routines. For my husband and I, we love going on a vacation to a sunny destination for the great warm weather during the Summer holidays. I love the tan that I get on my skin from these sunny destinations. The memories always last after the tan is faded.

Our prefered  holiday  destination this Summer was the Island of Rhodes in Greece. (more…)

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A Visit to the Louvre Museum – Paris

On our visit to Paris,  Louvre Museum was one of the museums that I looked forward to visit. I was prepared to stand in a queue to get into this Museum and all psyched up for the experience.

Why should you visit The Louvre Museum?

Louvre Museum is the world’s largest art museum,  the world’s most visited museum and a historic monument in Paris.

Located on the right bank of the Seine, the Louvre is huge and you could literally spend a whole week walking through it and not see everything. Certainly, the visitors to this museum are never disappointed, but they indeed leave tired.

The Louvre building was first used as a medieval fortress with the aim of protecting the French capital during the reign of Philippe Auguste (1190-1202).  It became a museum in 1793.

The Louvre has since housed thousands of works of art from ancient cultures (Oriental, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman) as well as Western and Islamic civilisations. It exhibits extensive collections of sculptures, objects, paintings, drawings, and archaeological findings.


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Riding A Donkey In The City Of Lindos, Greece

The City of Lindos


Don’t you love holidays? I think that everybody does. Personally, I love holidays because I think that it’s the perfect time to reflect and meditate, which of course leads to making our lives better and those around us.

Why You Should Consider A Holiday In Greece?

Greece has typical Mediterranean climate with mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers. Probaby, that’s why it is a perfect vacation destination for the Summer holidays. Having this in mind, this was the main reason why we chose the Island of Rhodes.

This Island has the combination of the nice weather, beaches, archaeological sites and extensive medieval town.

The Island Of Rhodes Experience

When we arrived in the Island of Rhodes, it was incredibly warm, contrary to the weather we had left in Belgium. It was like a time to roll and a secret escape kind of holiday.  It was  also my first time in Greece and I could not wait to explore the Island and to learn more about the Greek culture.

From my previous travel blogs, I think that it’s evident that we love excursions. Thanks to my husband, he is multilingual and good in reading the maps.

After a day of enjoying the sun at the beach, we had a perfect excursion plan; A day in the city of Lindos. (more…)

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Sluis, Netherlands

One of my favourite towns in Europe that I really enjoy visiting, is Sluis. It is a small town in the West of the Southern Holland. It’s just a few kilometres from the coast and sits right on the Dutch-Belgian border, which makes it a popular day-trip destination for Dutch and Belgian visitors.

The Sex Shops

The first time that I ever visited Sluis, I was really surprised by the number of sex shops in such a small town. This was one of the culture shock for a Kenyan girl. It’s not possible in Kenya to find sex shops all over and  I can’t imagine how the reaction would be from the older generation.

I am always open to learn new stuff and I had a chance to visit several sex shops. A sex shop is just like normal shop, the only difference is that they sell sex  merchandise. You can find anything related to sex including sexy clothing to the extreme attributes in different sizes, color and shapes to suit the preference of the customers. (more…)

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An Ecological Park In Barcelona: The Diagonal Mar
Park Diagonal Mar Barcelona

An Ecological Park In Barcelona: The Diagonal Mar

Last but not least, this being my last blog post on our trip to Barcelona, I think that it would be an injustice, if I don’t share about our experience of the most recent, beautiful and breathtaking park in the city: Diagonal Mar Park.


This Park is located near the Diagonal Mar shopping mall, between Diagonal Avenue And Nova Mar Bella beach in Barcelona.

It is only about 20 minutes on the metro to the centre of Barcelona and very close to shopping center and the beach.

Barcelona’s  Ecological Park

After indulging ourselves in a shopping spree, we decided to take a stroll heading towards the beach. This led us to the Park Diagonal Mar, where all its pathways lead to the beach.

A long concrete bench that resemble the waves of the sea

The Diagonal Mar Park is a park that applies sustainable development. In fact, this can be seen in the use of ground water for watering the plants and the ponds, the use of local species that consume less water and are easily maintained,  and last but not least, the intelligent control of the water in the fountains and the lighting.

The Space

This park is a perfect place to stroll around and take some sun or to sit on a beautifully designed bench to catch the abundance of sunlight or even watch the sunset.

As a matter of fact, we enjoyed walking through this beautifully designed green park, full of modern art and stylish structures.

There is also a large children’s play area, a raised walkway over water, the lake with sculptures which spray out water and the curved tubular structures. To say the least, it is a breathtaking sight! (more…)

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Our visit to the Famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

My first time to Spain was in Madrid, the capital of Spain. In fact, I fell in love with the city from  the street performers, to  food scene, to laid back lifestyle, to the history, to the weather and to the plethora of activities.

Indeed, one year down the line, we were back to Spain. And this time was a visit to Barcelona. The truth is, I fell in love with Barcelona too! 

Why I love Barcelona

Same as Madrid, the streets of Barcelona are lined with breathtaking works of architecture, from Gothic churches to Antoni Gaudí’s surreal buildings, as well as modern sites like Mare-magnum Mall, just to mention but a few.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this city is full of unforgettable sights and monuments. Furthermore, it’s the home to the one of the world’s most beloved soccer teams, Barcelona FC. 

Why You Should Visit Sagrada Familia Cathedral

The Sagrada Familia is definitely one of the most famous building in Barcelona. It is a large unfinished Roman Catholic church in Barcelona that is considered as one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

On our last day in Barcelona, we decided to visit a church because it was on a Sunday and also because it was on our list to do in the capital of Catalonia.

My husband and I, we used the metro to the famous La Sagrada Familia Cathedral. As a matter of fact, the metros are  comfortable, safe and incredibly efficient.


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