Top Attractions To See While In Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium.

Indeed, the headquarters of the European Union and NATO are located in this city.

Brussels is often referred to as the capital of Europe. It offers more than governmental buildings to uphold this title. There are incredible restaurants, vibrant nightlife, mixed culture, just to mention but a few.

A Tour Bus in Brussels

Similar to many of the European countries, this city has a broad metro network. Thus, purchasing a one day pass gives unlimited journeys for travelers to experience the sights and attractions in the city of Brussels.

The following are the wonders of the city of Brussels that you should not miss out while in the heart of Europe:

1 ✦ The Atomium In Brussels

A visit to Brussels is never complete without a visit to the Atomium. This is one of the popular landmarks in Belgium.

Originally, the Atomium was constructed for the Brussels World Fair in 1958. Today, this is a museum.

In a nutshell, it is 102 meters high and has nine spheres that represent an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

The  Atomium

✦ Own Experience

The building is very impressive and it’s fun to walk around and to look at it from different angles.

I would highly recommend that you visit the museum because it has a lot of very interesting information.

The restaurant inside the Atomium offers Belgian cuisine and the panoramic view of Brussels.

✦ Tips For the Atomium

  • There is a gift shop with original souvenirs
  • There is a restaurant
  • It is located in the outcasts of Brussels
  • Watch out for the pickpockets

2 ✦ Manneken Pis In Brussels

The Manneken Pis is a peculiar symbol of the city of Brussels.

It is located at the corner between Rue de l’Étuv and the Rue du Chêne.

During major celebrations, events and festivals in Brussels, the statue is famed of being dressed in different costumes.

  Manneken Pis

✦ Tips For Manneken Pis

  • The area can be crowded
  • The statue is small and tucked up in a corner of a busy street

3 ✦ Jeanneke Pis In Brussels

In this age and the era of gender equality, a visit to the Manneken Pis is not politically correct without a visit to the counterpart Jeanneke Pis.

This is a fountain and a statue that is half a meter high that depicts a little girl, squatting and urinating on a blue-grey limestone base.

Jeanneke Pis

✦ Tips For Jeanneke Pis

  • Jeanneke Pis is located on a small side street
  •  You can pass by it while going to the restaurants in the neighborhood
  • It is not as popular as the Manneken Pis

4 ✦ Grand Place In Brussels

Grand Place is the central square of the city of Brussels.

Indeed, the Grand Place is a World Heritage Site and it is considered as one of the most beautiful places to visit while in Belgium.

The combination of the Gothic and the Baroque style is an absolute sight to behold during the day and also during the night when the lights from the surrounding buildings are lit.

Last but not least, the area plays a host to numerous festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Grand Place Brussels Belgium

Some Tips For The Grand Place

  • It is free of charge access to Grand Place
  • It is nearby the main train station
  • There are many restaurants in this area

5 ✦ Pars Du Cinquantenaire

This is a lovely park that has a calm breath of fresh air in the middle of the city of Brussels.

Two museums are located in this park. These include the Motor Museum and the Aviation Museum.

The other side of the Cinquantenaire is a large park with grass and a fountain. During the summer, in this park, there is a pop-up restaurant where you can enjoy Belgian cuisine and live music.

Pars Du Cinquantenaire Brussels

6 ✦ The Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official venue for the royal audience, state functions and the like. But this is not the official residence of the Belgian Royal family.

Although it’s only opened to the public during the summer, it’s worth a visit even if you can only see it from the outside. It is quite impressive, a massive structure, and it’s architecturally beautiful.

The Royal Palace is quite close to other tourist attractions. These include:

  • Mont des Art
  • Musical Instruments Museum
  • Royal Museums of Fine Arts
  • Palais Justice
  • Brussels Park which is across the boulevard from the palace
The Royal Palace of Brussels

7 ✦ Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert

This is a shopping arcade in the city of Brussels. The gallery includes luxury shops, cafes, restaurants, and gift shops.

It is a beautiful place to shop, stroll, dine, and also to try some Belgian chocolate.

The architecture of the building is stunning. It’s worth a visit even if just popping in to admire.

Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert

8 ✦ St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral

This church has a beautiful and impressive architectural design and it’s hard to miss it out while walking around the city.

The stained glass windows are incredible to see. Besides, the museum within this Cathedral is well worth the visit.

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral

9 ✦ Mini Europe

Mini Europe is located next to the Atomium and you can buy a combined ticket for accessing both the Atomium and Mini Europe.

It’s an informative and educational park that is great for both the adults and the children.

This park has many detailed models of the cities throughout the countries in Europe.

The displays are interesting and they give the name of the country and it’s population. You can also press a button of that particular country to listen to their National Anthem.

 Mini Europe

10 ✦ The European Union Parliament

This is where major European decisions are made.

The European Union Parliament


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