Things to do in Agios Nikolaos, Lassithi Crete

Why Agio Nikolaos?

My husband and I, we love visiting different cities, going for the excursions, visiting the galleries, exploring the local markets, just to mention but a few.

We applied the same principles during our stay in Crete. And just before ending our summer holiday in the Greek Island, we decided to visit the city of Agios Nikolaos.

Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos

It lies on the east of the island’s capital Heraklion, north of the town of Lerapetra and west of the town of Sitia.

Things to do in Agios Nikolaos:

1. Hang Our Around The Lake Voulismeni

Agios Nikolaos has three faces to the sea: The Lake Voulismeni and port, Kitroplatia beach and the Marina.

The distinctive feature of the town is the Lake Voulismeni. Since 1870, this lake has been connected by a narrow channel to the old town harbor. And of course, this adds another facet to the three sides of the town.

Lake Voulismeni In Agios Nikolaos

The lake is surrounded and overlooked by the cafes and restaurants. It is the most delightful place to pass the time for the local residents and visitors.

Legend has it that the lake is bottomless, and that the goddess Athena used to bathe in it. However in 1853, a British found that the lake has a bottom.

2. Chill Out at the Paralia Kitroplatia Beach

The beach is located in a small bay and is surrounded by houses and charming restaurants.

Agios Nikolaos

It is covered with coarse sand mixed with quite many rocks. In addition, the water is incredibly clear, but it deepens relatively fast.

 Paralia Kitroplatia Beach

The name of the beach (Kitroplatia) actually means ‘lemon square’ in Greek. Indeed, the beach got this name due to the lemon trade that used to take place at the beach many years ago.

Some Tips For This Beach

  • It is possible to rent sun lounges and sunshades at the beach and there are also showers
  • You can park on the streets next to the beach
  • There are no water sports activities

3. Learn About the Horn of Amalthea

According to a Greek myth, a goat by the name Amalthea was the nurse of Zeus. This was during the years he was growing up while hidden from his father Cronus in a cave on Crete.

One day, as Amalthea played with little Zeus, he accidentally broke off her horn. And to make up for it and as a sign of gratitude, Zeus made the broken horn always be full of whatever it’s owner desired.

 The Horn of Amalthea, Crete

Finally, it ended up to be known as the Horn of Amalthea, an eternal symbol of abundance.

4. Admire the Abduction Of Europa Monument

Abduction Of Europe  Monument

This is also based on the Greek mythology. It is believed to be the mother of Europe.

 Abduction Of Europa Monument

The statue is located on the far east of the city along the coast by the car park.

5. Visit the Agios Nikolaos Chapel

There are quite a number of churches in Agios Nikolaos including the church which lends its name to the town. This church is Agios Nikolaos Chapel.

Agios Nikolaos Chapel

This is a traditional Greek fishermen’s chapel set on a rocky outcrop in the sea.

6. Experience Crete Semi Submarine

Take a stroll up to the square and down the other side of the town. This will get you to the marina, where another sea front offers its beauty of dazzling yachts and beautiful views.

Crete Semi Submarine

Here, you can choose the Crete Semi Submarine experience. This actually an adventure with a converted catamaran in the sea to discover the aquatic life of Agios Nikolaos in the island of Crete.

7. Shop in Agios Nikolaos

Being a summer destination for many tourists, there are shops with original items on offer. These includes the woven fabrics, miscellany of clothes, house decor, local food products and delicacies.

In a Nutshell

Last but not least, Agios Nikolaos is a relaxing and peaceful town with fabulous views and many activities.

The activities includes: swimming, sailing, rock climbing, and even diving. Another reason for you to add this to your bucket list!

 Agios Nikolaos

A Travel Quote

“Every city, every town, hides beneath a certain amount of glamour that- either intentionally or not- can misdirect the eye or hide something worth finding. Learning to see through those glamours is part of the process of calling any place home.” 
― Kate Milford

Some Tip For Agio Nikolaos

  • The sea is superb
  • The surrounding area of the city is noted for its sandy beaches and beautiful bays
  • The beaches and the bays are all within a walking distance from the city center


Thank you for stopping by and stay positive!

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