The Whispering Voices Of History From The Medieval Old Town Of  Rhodes

For a well balanced and a healthy life, vacations are a necessity. The following are some of the reasons why:

  • We emerge from a vacation feeling ready to take on the world again
  • We gain a new perspective
  • Get to relax with our families and friends,
  • We get a break from our usual routines


Therefore, it’s important to make yourself a priority and take some time off.

Indeed, everyone or every family has their own unique holiday routines. For my husband and I, we love going on a vacation to a sunny destination for the great warm weather during the Summer holidays. I love the tan that I get on my skin from these sunny destinations. The memories always last after the tan is faded.

Our prefered  holiday  destination this Summer was the Island of Rhodes in Greece.



Why A Holiday In The Island Of Rhodes?

Indeed, the island of Rhodes has a beautiful landscape, generous natural beauty, a rich history and endless attractions.

It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. This is probably because of the vast sandy beaches, emerald waters, ancient civilisations, gourmet restaurants and  allot of traditional tavernas serving local delicacies.

The location of the Island of Rhodes on the major sea routes, has also  given the island many different identities, cultures, architectures, and languages over its long History.

In fact, the special blend of cosmopolitan, traditional, and numerous cultural and archaeological sites, makes it a perfect holiday destination. It is ideal not only for those who want to relax, but also for those looking for an action packed holidays. This was the main reason why we chose the Island of Rhodes.


The Excursion Of The Medieval Old Town 

Back to our adventures in the Island of Rhodes, we decided to explore the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes.

This time round we did not want to wander around aimlessly and stumble upon the treasures of the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes and then try to figure out later. And for that reason, we decided to  invest on a guided tour.

Our guided excursion started around 10 A.m. This is because the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes is a huge place to explore.

The Medieval Old Town of  Rhodes is encompassed with tall defense walls. The city has 11 gates and each gate has its own beauty. Everything outside of the walled city is called the new town. Without a doubt, the walk around the outside wall is a sight to behold.

The medieval city of Rhodes has maintained the architectural character and the urban organization of a medieval city as well as its primary building materials. Inside the city, there are parks, stopping points to overlook, walking paths and beautiful trees.

Honestly, the feeling of exploring the medieval streets of Rhodes is difficult to put into words. It was like walking and listening to the whispering voices of History. Mind you, during the excursion, we had to wear comfortable shoes because most of the streets are cobble streets. This was from our past experiences. As they say, “Experience is the best teacher!”

A Short History Of The Medieval Old Town of Rhodes

Historically, the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes was never deserted or abandoned. It is one of the rare survivors of the medieval world.

The alterations to the fortification walls and the monuments within the city during the Ottoman period did not harm at all the character of the historical settlement, and are unique and integral evidence of the historic layering of the property.

The town was divided by an internal wall in two sectors. The northern quarter, was where the administrative buildings,

the hospital, the cathedral, and the residences of the Knights and the Grand Master were  found. The houses of the laity, the street market, synagogues and churches were gathered in the southern quarter.

In 1988, it was declared a World Heritage Site.

How Was The Experience?

Definitely, it was interesting to visit The Palace of the Grand Master of the Order. We really admired the Palace. The Gothic architecture is captivating and breathtaking.  Inside the Palace, there are impressive collections of tombstones, paintings, statuary, jewelry, books and mosaics.

The great churches in the Medieval City are also very interesting. Some of them were later used as mosques in The Ottoman period.

To say the least, the old buildings feature amazing architecture and designs.

After exiting though the main gate, then we walked across to the harbor. This was another interesting walk with a perfect view of the Castle.

Finally, it was about time to call it a day with a Greek meal.

Notes To Remember

  •  Conservative clothing is required to visit either the churches or mosques
  • Greek people are very religious

Some Tips

  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Avoid peak season
  • Always ask for local wine



Travel is the Only Thing you Buy that Makes you Richer.” Audrey Hepburn




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