How To Experience The Best of Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

Spain is a beautiful and diverse country that offers a wide variety of travel destinations.

Indeed, the capital city of Spain is very active with a bustling nightlife, busy business centers, and a great walking city. To add on that, the metros in this city are comfortable, safe, and efficient.

Madrid Spain

The Spaniards are friendly; they don’t  just give a smile to say hello but they also say, ‘hola!’ which means hello in Spanish.

In a nutshell, the travel experience in Madrid was great and I look forward to visit this city again. This is the kind of a city that’ll make you want to miss your flight home and stay on longer.

Madrid, Spain

The following are some of the best experiences in the city of Madrid; the home city of the Galácticos:

The Food Scene

Madrid is an ideal holiday destination for foodies.

The food scene in this city is incredible. It is affordable and the passion for traditional Spanish food is contagious.

There are ample selection of tapas bars, cafés and all kinds of restaurants. We were able to try a variety of local flavors.

Shopping In Madrid

Shopping in Madrid is fun. This is because there are so many different styles to choose from.

Unless you’re shopping in designer boutiques, we found the prices quite reasonable in comparison to other cities in Europe.

Madrid, Spain

There are high end shops near the Serrano and Velázquez streets, a flea market near the city center, all kinds of international brands near the centric Gran Vía street and many independent designers in the nearby Fuencarral district, which is filled with chic boutiques for the fashion lovers.

The Museums In Madrid

If you are an art lover, then Madrid is the city for you.

Madrid is considered to be one of the top European destinations concerning art museums.

The Prado Museum is Madrid’s top cultural sight, and one of the world’s greatest art galleries. It has dazzling display of works by the great European masters such as Velázquez, Goya, Raphael, Rubens, and Bosch (among other major Italian and Flemish artists).

Prado Museum

Also I tried something different in Madrid. I went to the Train Museum with my husband and eventually, I ended up falling in love with it.

The Train Museum

Our highlight was enjoying  some coffee in an original “Wagons-Lits” Restaurant Carriage. I felt like I was on the “Orient Express” from Agatha Christie’s Novel.

At The Train Museum

Madrid’s History

The Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

For the love history, we visited the Royal Palace in Madrid. We explored the rooms and halls which are decorated with antiques, medieval tapestries and paintings. The architecture in this Palace is amazing and captivating.

The Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

The palace gardens, known as Campo del Moro, are also worth a visit. They are clean, serene and well maintained.

We also visited the nearby Almudena Cathedral and the San Francisco el Grande Basilica.

The area around the Royal Palace is a great place to stay. This area is quiet and central, with easy access to all of Madrid’s major tourist attractions.

The Area Around the Royal Palace In Madrid

The Night Life

Madrid’s nightlife never stops. From Monday to Sunday, you can go out until the early hours of the morning and end up eating breakfast in any café. Madrid is full of vitality and energy. The lovers of night life are spoilt for choice.

The Parks In Madrid

For joggers and bikers( even while on holiday), then you can spend a morning practicing your favorite sport in the Madrid Rio Park. It’s a very beautiful park.

Retiro park

Lets talk of my favorite park though; the famous Retiro park. This is a magnificent park, filled with beautiful sculptures, monuments, galleries, and a peaceful lake. We really enjoyed the boat ride here. You can’t miss this out while in Madrid.

The Real Madrid

I’m a believer that life has no limitations, except the ones we make for ourselves. The main reason why I always wanted to visit Madrid, was not for the vacation or the excursions, but the football. Definitely, the Real Madrid tour was a must to do for me.

The tour took us around the Santiago Bernabéu stadium the home base for Real Madrid football club.

This is the second largest football stadium in Spain, with a capacity of around 80,000 spectators. The visit to the stadium included access to Real Madrid’s well-stocked trophy room, the presidential box and a chance to walk around the technical area and the dressing rooms.

The stadium also has various restaurants, a large club shop and a shopping area.

It was amazing and unforgettable.  Adding my photo to the screen of  the fans of the Real Madrid, summed up my trip to be highly memorable and  made me a proud supporter of my team.

The visit to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, was my favorite part of our trip and still a die hard fan. I hope to visit again soon and hopefully, my favorite team the Real Madrid, and the world champions will be playing. See you there!

Madrid, Spain

Some Tips

  • Like any other big city, watch out for the pickpockets
  • Use the security provisions provided by your hotel
  • Save time and book your tickets online in advance
  • Watch out for the classic tricks  used by conmen for example asking for change or  asking for directions

A Travel Quote

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert


Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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