Strolling Through The Turia Gardens In Valencia
Turia Gardens in Valencia

The Turia Gardens is in the heart of the Spanish city of Valencia.

It covers an area of 110 hectares of gardens and the park, that cut cross the city center and extends for approximately 9 kilometers.

Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain

The Origin of the Turia Gardens

The vast gardens are built on the former riverbed of the Turia River.

Basically, the river had always been prone to floods, but in 1957 the floods were quite devastating. This caused a lot of damage to the city and there was also the loss of many lives.

As a result, the city of Valencia decided to divert the course of the river
to the outskirts of the city.

Initially, the plans were developed to use the dried out riverbed for a motorway or a railway line, but in the 1980s a civilian movement led the area to be given a green park.

And the fertile soil of the riverbed quickly gave life to a beautiful garden.

Turia Gardens

The Development of The Turia Gardens

Certainly, the river banks got saturated with various architectural monuments, museums and culture centres.

City of Arts and Sciences
City of Arts and Sciences

The government went further and developed the riverbed into an entire world of leisure and culture.

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

With time, the riverbed became the obvious area for new cultural projects. For exmple the Palau de la Musica now has its own section of the garden, while the City of Arts and Sciences sits right in the river bed.

In the park, there are numerous playgrounds and sports areas, fountains and well trimmed arty gardens.

Palau de la Musica Valencia
Palau de la Musica Valencia

Last but not the least, the space between the Puente de las flores (the flower bridge) and the Assut de l’Or bridge, there are always some kind of fair, festival or circus that can be found here.

The Role of the Gardens in Valencia

Without a doubt, the park is the central axis of the city.

Turia Gardens in Valencia

It serves as a meeting place and recreational area and is frequently used by joggers, cyclists and walkers.

Turia Gardens in Valencia

The gardens are the home to many parks, sports grounds for football and tennis, fountains, a botanical garden, play areas for children, a fun fair and various cultural institutions, both along the banks and in the park itself.

Turia Gardens in Valencia

The Turia old river bed is another jewel of Valencia which you can’t miss out while here.

It is one of the most inviting attractions in the city, and I hope that it’s another one for your bucket list!

Some Tips

The former riverbed also links other points of the city of Valencia. These includes:

  • Serranos Towers: a gate in the old city walls that surrounded Valencia
  • The València Institute of Modern Art (IVAM)
  • The Museum of Fine Arts


City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
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