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A Visit To The Nausicaa National Sea Centre
Nausicaa National Sea Centre

Nausicaa National Sea Centre is a great sea life center in Boulogne, France.

It is located on the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coast, not far away from Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Nausicaa National Sea Centre

✦ Nausicaa National Sea Centre

In a nutshell, this is a sea life center where science and art meet.

Nausicaa National Sea Centre

It has a diverse aquatic life. These include all sorts of fish, stingrays, crabs, sharks, corals, turtles, sea lions, crocodiles, penguins, and last but not least, quite a number of reptiles.

Nausicaa National Sea Centre

✦ What to Expect From Nausicaa National Sea Centre

One of the many things that make this aquarium easy to navigate is the well laid out exhibits. This makes it easy for the visitors to see all the aquatic life the sealife center has to offer.

Nausicaa National Sea Centre

The thoughtful way how these have been laid out really makes the difference.

From my own experience, some aquariums just have a procession of tanks. But how the Nausicaa National Sea Centre has been laid out, takes the visitors here on a walk through different themed areas.

The turtle

The exhibits are well numbered with markings to show the visitors which way to go. This ensured that the visitors do not miss out on anything.

Own Experience

There are quite a lot of plaques with educative information on ecology and sustainability running throughout, which is in both French and English.

The aquarium covers many levels which have stairs and lifts, so there is no problem getting around.

Inside the Aquarium

In one of the themed habitats, there is a floor made of glass on top of the huge tanks. This helps the visitors to enjoy watching marine life in the aquarium from a different angle. For instance, sea lions swimming.

One of my outstanding experience in this aquarium is the tropical reef that has possibilities to walk underneath it. One can peep into a perplex dome and enjoy the aquatic life from the bottom.

✦ The Sea Lion Show

This is a show that is in the French language only.

The Sea Lion Show

This show is one of the most popular attractions in the aquarium and is perfect for families with children of all ages.

The Sea Lion Show

Not only is the show fantastic to watch,  but it’s also educational. The trainers share a lot of information and interesting facts about the sea lion during the show.

The Sea Lion Show

✦ My Best Experience

My favorite experience was to stand on the bridge of a Trawler at sea in a storm and the whole floor moved with to rolling of the waves. It is a great experience.

The Beach near the  Nausicaa National Sea Centre

Last but not least, there is a sandy beach in front of the aquarium where you can enjoy a picnic. Another reason for you to add this into your bucket list.

Some Tips

  • There is a lot of parking by the dock which is only a short walking distance from the aquarium
  • The Sea Lion Show is in French only but you can get the gist without the language
  • There are cafes and restaurant inside the aquarium
  • It’s next to a beach and the sea


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