Fantasyland Disneyland Paris Experience
The Fantasyland Disneyland Paris

Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris has a theme of an European village.

The theme compliments the magnificent Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (French) or Sleeping Beauty Castle (English).

The Sleeping Beauty Castle

The Sleeping Beauty Castle

Without a doubt, the castle makes the Fantasyland seem like the guests are stepping into a grand fairy tale world.

What To Expect From The Fantasyland Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Indeed, Fantasyland is a great place for persons of all ages and the whole family.

The visitors are fully immersed into classic Disney stories and they can use their imagination to explore.

Disneyland Paris

In this part of Disneyland, there are quite a number of walk throughs.

Disneyland Paris

This allows the visitors to have an opportunity to enjoy the details and experience an attraction at their own pace.

Fantasyland Disneyland Paris

Own Experience

One my favorite attraction in this part of the Park is Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.

Disneyland Paris

In here, there are plenty of characters  to greet you along the way.

Disneyland Paris

We didn’t miss out on the opportunity to climb up the tower where there is a
panoramic view of the Disneyland Park and some of its wide range resorts.

Disneyland Paris

The other outstanding experiences is the “It’s a small world.”

This a happy, musical ride through different countries and continents.

It’s a true celebration of culture and people all over the world.

Disneyland Paris

Without a doubt, this is a great place to begin the adventure and enjoy the magical heart of Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris

Setting your eyes on the world famous and the iconic Disney landmark; the Sleeping Beauty Castle, is a defining moment.

Disneyland Paris

Last but not least, the walk through the passageways of this Castle is where the timeless tale of Princess Aurora comes to life. 

A Travel Quote

“Fantasy is always only a reality waiting to be switched on.” Joe Hill

Disneyland Paris

Some Tips

  • Get the Fastpass. This is the best way to avoid the queues
  • Bring along  food and drink into the park
  • Download the Disneyland app which provides users with the waiting times for nearly every attraction in both parks


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