Exploring CosmoCaixa Science Museum
Cosmo Caixa Science Museum

Our holiday in Barcelona included the visits to the Park of Montjuïc, Park Güell,
Park Diagonal Mar, Sagrada Familia Cathedral and also the strolls through the Gothic Quarters and the La Ramblas, just to mention but a few.

The city of Barcelona is full of opportunities, and not only those that deal with adventure but in all aspects. This is right from the beaches to the sightseeing.

This bustling tourist destination is something that can push your limits, surprise you and sometimes it might make you fall in love with it on several occasions. However, to get the best of this city may need a few trips.

Indeed, a visit to the CosmoCaixa Science Museum on my birthday, was a pleasant surprise that made my trip here memorable.

CosmoCaixa  Science Museum

CosmoCaixa  Science Museum

The Location

Carrer d’Isaac Newton, 26, 08022Barcelona

How to get there:

Bus: 22, 60, 73, 75, 196, H4, V13 and V15.

Trains FGC: stop Cosmo Caixa – Av. Tibidabo + 196

What To Expect

This museum consist of both temporary, permanent and interactive exhibitions. As a matter of fact, these exhibitions are quite interesting and educative. They include showcases on environment, space and nature.

Inside the CosmoCaixa  Science Museum

Permanent Exhibitions

CosmoCaixa Science Museum has permanent exhibitions which are divided into nine sections:

  • Geological Wall
  • Amazon Flooded Forest
  • Hall of Matter
  • 3D Planetarium
  • Science Square
  • Flash/Click
  • Bubble Planetarium
  • Touch Touch

Our Experience

In our adventure, we allowed ourselves for almost a half day to enjoy all of its perks and its fullest potential. The following are some of our highlights:

1. Scientific Experiments at CosmoCaixa

This museum isn’t like any other museum, it is more of a hands on museum. There are in most cases quite a number of scientific experiments to try out. These different scientific disciplines are explained interactively.

The visitors get the chance to explore physical, technical, geological, and mathematical relations all by themselves during the experiments.

There’s a lot to do and learn for children and at the same time to keep them well entertained. Not only the children that enjoy discovering topics in the museum but also all age groups.

An Interactive Exhibition

In the basement, we tried out experiments from a wide range of scientific disciplines. Infact, some of them were familiar from back in physics classes but then in a very interesting way.

I would recommend adults to visit, as there is so much to reflect and learn or even to just remind yourself the childhood curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

2. Amazon Flooded Forest

In a very real sense, the Amazon Flooded Forest is one of my favorite permanent exhibitions in this museum. This includes an artificially made rainfall.

Amazon Flooded Forest

The walk into the rain forest is tremendous. On this very day, we were able to observe and hear different species from tropic regions, some of which were even freely roaming. We also enjoyed the beautiful landscape and the weather in the rain forest.

3. Science Square

This an open air space in the Cosmocaixa Science Museum that provides interactive displays and installations.

At the end of our adventure at the CosmoCaixa Science Museum, we enjoyed a picnic that also has some learning at this spacious outdoor garden. In addition, we had an amazing view of other Barcelona’s monuments for instance Monestir de Santa Maria de Valldonzella.

Last but not least, I hope that this inspires you to explore a new place or you may add this one to your bucket list.


  • It’s easily accessible by all means of public transport
  • This museum is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Barcelona
  • CosmoCaixa Science Museum also provides a broad offer of temporary science exhibitions, workshops, conferences and educational programs
  • There is a shop and a restaurant / café
  • It’s fully accessible for the people with reduced mobility

Travel Quote

“The most basic task of any museum must be the protection of works of cultural significance entrusted to its care for the edification and pleasure of future generations.”~ Martin Filler


Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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