An Ecological Park In Barcelona: The Diagonal Mar
The Park Diagonal Mar

Last but not least, this being my last blog post on our trip to Barcelona, I think that it would be an injustice, if I wouldn’t share about our experience of the most recent, beautiful and breathtaking park in the city: Diagonal Mar Park.


This Park is located near the Diagonal Mar shopping mall, between Diagonal Avenue And Nova Mar Bella beach in Barcelona.

It is only about 20 minutes on the metro to the centre of Barcelona and very close to shopping center and the beach.

The Diagonal Mar Park

Barcelona’s  Ecological Park

After indulging ourselves in a shopping spree, we decided to take a stroll heading towards the beach. This led us to the Park Diagonal Mar, where all its pathways lead to the beach.

A long concrete bench that resemble the waves of the sea

The Diagonal Mar Park is a park that applies sustainable development. In fact, this can be seen in the use of ground water for watering the plants and the ponds, the use of local species that consume less water and are easily maintained,  and last but not least, the intelligent control of the water in the fountains and the lighting.

The Space

This park is a perfect place to stroll around and take some sun or to sit on a beautifully designed bench to catch the abundance of sunlight or even watch the sunset.

Park Diagonal Mar

As a matter of fact, we enjoyed walking through this beautifully designed green park, full of modern art and stylish structures.

There is also a large children’s play area, a raised walkway over water, the lake with sculptures which spray out water and the curved tubular structures. To say the least, it is a breathtaking sight!

How Is The Park?

The Diagonal Mar Park is well maintained by the local authorities, creating a delightful open space to rest or read.

It provides a gateway to the sea for the locals and the tourists. We could not help ourselves but to lie down under the shade and enjoy watching the palm trees swaying in the warm breeze.

Park Diagonal Mar

I love anything to do with the sea, and I can’t get enough of the palm trees. There is something about lying under swaying palm trees, while the sea breeze gently wafts  your mind away!

Without a shadow of a doubt, this Park is a must see for the travelers  because it represents the new Barcelona and is quite unlike any other city park. Another reason for you to add this into your bucket list!

Park Diagonal Mar

Some Tips

  • Like any other big city, watch out for the pickpockets
  • A very peaceful park for children and adults
  • Almost all stores, markets and restaurants are closed on Sunday
  • Use the security provisions provided by your hotel
  • Watch out for the classic tricks  used by conmen for example asking for change or  asking for directions
Park Diagonal Mar


“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun!”-Winnie The Pooh


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Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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