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Crazy Travel Tales from Rome


Having five nights to spend in Rome  (Part I) & (Part II)  during Christmas, we had an action packed holiday.  In our adventure to explore Rome, we decide to narrow down our focus and to visit the Vatican, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Colosseum and Roman Forum. This is because Rome is a big city with allot to offer. Therefore, it  could take us a life time to explore it.

What happens in Rome, stays in Rome, right? In this case, I really don’t think so! To have a great travel content writing for my readers, I think that it’s  important for me to write  about all concrete details (both positive and negative) of a destination.

While traveling, there so many encounters which are breathtaking, memorable and also unexpected. All these experiences are the ones that  make traveling interesting. In this blog, I have decided to share the crazy travel tales or even embarrassing moments  from our adventures in the capital city of Italy . In real sense, these crazy travel  stories might make you wonder why I would go back to Rome. Without a doubt, I will go back to Rome again and again, but I’ll be alittle more cautious.

Indeed,  while traveling or even in real life, the unexpected always happen!

Have You Ever Heard Of The Rose Scam?

Trust me, the rose scam in Rome is real.  I know because this was my first crazy travel experience in Rome.

On our first day in Rome, our very first adventure was the famous Spanish Steps.  The Spanish Steps are a set of 138 steps dating from 1723. It’s a climb of  a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinita dei Monti.  I was very exhausted after the climb,  and that’s why we decided to take a break. While at it, a  middle aged man shortly approached us and he offered me a rose. Honestly, I was confused  and I didn’t understand why I deserved a rose from a stranger.

After accepting the rose, I took a closer look at the guy and then  I realized that the guy must have been from India or Bangladesh. Looking also closely at the rose itself, it was not as  fresh. I accepted the rose because I thought that  the act was kind, especially after the climb.

Immediately, the guy  followed us and he wanted the money for the rose.  Shock on me! I tried to give the rose back to him,  but then he refused to take it back and he asked for money.  He even went ahead and asked my husband for the cash. My acceptance of the rose, ended up by being dramatic and it was really  embarrassing. At the end of it all, we finally realized that it was a scam to get a few Euros.

If you are visiting Rome, dont fall for it or accept the rose at your own risk!

The pickpockets

Most definitely, while traveling you always need to be watchful of your valuables especially in big cities.  It’s also important to do some research about places that are known for pickpockets in those big cities before  traveling.  I think that prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, take some precautions.

Indeed, Rome is known to be a popular tourist destination.  Unfortunately, the pickpockets often prey on unsuspecting foreigners and  they normally  steal valuables without anyone  suspicion. During our adventures in Rome, My  encounter with the pickpockets, was while at the Colosseum. Several guys were meandering around,  selling selfie sticks and  then  all over sudden they followed us walking quite fast.  This trick brought them within arm’s reach of my handbag. I was aware of this trick from my past experiences so I held my handbag in front of me tightly. Fortunately, we were aware of  the pickpockets in Rome and there tricks. This is because we had also been warned by the hotel management. We took all the precautions!

Sadly enough,  many tourists are unaware of what to do to reduce the chance of this type of incidents from happening!

Traffic In Rome

Last but not least, it would be  an injustice if I wouldn’t share with  you about  my crazy travel tales from the traffic in Rome.

Back to our adventures in Rome, we decided to explore the centre of the city of Rome by walking.  It’s unquestionable that if you’re relying on public transport, it can be tough to visit the off beaten paths that make experiencing Rome so special. The truth of the matter is;  Crossing the  streets of Rome was a little bit of a challenge. We had to watch out for numerous mopeds. And I mean allot of them! I found the traffic also  intimidating and confusing  especially having in mind the  reputation of Italian drivers. Lastly, the traffic lights were also confusing.

From these Rome’s crazy travel experiences, I learnt not to let these experiences sabotage my vacation.  Nowadays, when our holiday doesn’t really go as planned, I just try to be at peace instead of being exhausted  and irritable.  My advice would be: Do not underestimate the importance of research before you travel to avoid disappointments.

Regardless of everything that happened, we really enjoyed our Christmas in Rome!

Some Tips

  • Public transportation is a hotspot for the pickpockets
  • Go without expensive jewelry
  • Carry or use a sling bag
  • Purchase Roma pass that will give you access to the metro, trams and buses
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Learn a few key Italian phrases

A Travel Quote…

 “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson



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Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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