A Visit To The Belvedere Palace In Vienna
The Belvedere Palace

Without a shadow of a doubt, our holiday in Vienna turned out to be incredible. This is mainly because the Austrian capital has long been on our bucket list and partly, because we decided to celebrate my birthday in this magical city.

Are you looking for tips on what to do in Vienna?

Certainly, there are many reasons why travelers visit this beautiful city. From the classical music scene, to the architecture, to theatre and to the history, just to mention but a few. This city has a rich history waiting to be discovered as well as the Vienna’s modern culture.

As part of series of my posts from Vienna, I’m going to share with you some of the travel tips on what to do in Vienna.  This is especially for those looking for the best places to see and explore. In today’s post, I’m going to share my experience from one of Europe’s most stunning Baroque landmarks that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Belvedere Palace.

The Belvedere Palace

This Palace is located in Vienna’s third district. It was built by Prince Eugene of Savoy as his summer residence.
Belvedere Palace consists of two seperate buildings: the Upper and Lower Belvedere. The two buildings are connected by a stunning baroque garden. As a matter of fact, the palace gardens features beautiful sculptures, fountains and cascades.

What To See At The Belvedere Palace

Today, the Belvedere houses the greatest collection of Austrian art dating from the Middle Ages to the present day. In addition, it’s complemented by the work of international artists such as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Max Beckmann.
In our adventures, we visited Upper Belvedere which is a great setting for an art museum. The museum itself houses the masterpiece The Kiss by Klimt which is worth seeing. There are also other great pieces of art. Indeed, the art lovers, can not miss the chance to see and to learn more about this unique collection of paintings in the Upper Belvedere.
Last but not least, the Lower Belvedere houses temporary exhibitions. If art is nothing for you, the palace has a beautiful Baroque Park which has very comfortable seats and a nice walking track. You can also visit the park if you love running even when on a holiday. Another reason for you to add this into your bucket list!

A Photo Journey Through Belvedere Palace

Some tips

  • You can buy separate tickets for Upper and Lower Belvedere if you want to visit only one of them
  • It is relatively easy to get to there by all means of public transport options or even on foot from the city center
  • The audio guide costs extra
  •  It is free of charge to visit the gardens


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