A Day Trip To Pairi Daiza, Belgium
Pairi Daiza, Belgium

Pairi Daiza is a zoo and at the same a botanical garden.

This privately owned park is located in Brugelette in the province of Hainaut in Wallonie. The area is the French-speaking part of Belgium.

It’s about one and a half hours drive from Brussels.

 Pairi Daiza, Belgium

What to Expect From Pairi Daiza

This is a large animal theme park and a home to over 5,000 animals from all over the world. Indeed, it’s the most visited zoo in Belgium.

Elephants in the Pairi Daiza

The park is divided into several parts which are uniquely themed to different continents around the world. Each themed part displays wild animals that are found in those continents.

The Zoo of Pairi Daiza

The Dream of Han Wu Di Gardens

Dream of Han Wu Di is a Chinese garden in Pairi Daiza.

Apparently, this is one of the largest Chinese gardens in Europe.

This garden hosts two Chinese pandas. They are part of the breading program that is meant to preserve and protect the endangered species.

Chinese Garden in Pairi Daiza

The Architecture In The Park

This park has beautiful architecture from all over the world that gives a feel like you are in another country.

Certainly, it is uniquely designed and very rich in content.

Part of Pairi Daiza

The Experience From Pairi Daiza

Family Friendly

Pairi Daiza is an ideal family destination. One of the major reasons is that there is a sensational playground where children can run around and play safely.

Everything is set up for your child’s enjoyment. These include the rope bridges, swings, climbing web, tunnels, just to mention but a few.

✦ The Show Sessions

In the park, there are show sessions to watch the elephants being bathed. These are really special moments to see them more closely.

Elephants Baths in Pairi Daiza

Dinosaurs In Pairi Daiza

Recently, the park extended its boundaries for its visitors by adding several life-size dinosaurs.

These dinosaurs are like those in the famous film of the Jurassic Park.

dinosaurs from Pairi Daiza

Each of these giants is accompanied by an information board. This allows the visitors to Pairi Daiza to enjoy these creatures.

My highlights from Pairi Daiza

  • Watching the seals
  • Bathing of the Asian elephants
  • The regular walks of the Asian elephants
  • Feeding the giraffes

Is Pairi Daiza Great For A Day Trip?

Pairi Daiza

Last but not the least, I would highly recommend this park.

The Rhinos at the Pairi Daiza

Some Tips

  • Buy online tickets to avoid the queue
  • Pairi Daiza stays open until late in the evening
  • The park hosts cultural activities from all over the world
  • A map is provided at the entrance
  • There is a lot to see and you can spend a whole day
  • Kindly refer to the timetables so that you don’t miss out to see the bathing of the elephants


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