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Walking in Lanzarote is a great way to experience the best views of this island. Besides, research has shown that walking is good for your health. On this island, you can enjoy a walk without the help of a guide.

✦ 1. What do you Require While Walking in Lanzarote

Playa Flamingo Lanzarote

You do not require special skills to walk in most parts of Lanzarote. This is because the terrain is not too harsh. What you need is to be in good health and to do the following:

✦ 1. Research on the Conditions of the Area

There are areas on this island that require a bit of climbing and are great for hiking. Just in case you want to have a walk and not a hike, research will help you to avoid such areas.

It is important to be familiar with an area before you go there. This will help you to have an idea of what to expect. Like for instance, how long is the walk, how is the terrain, and if it is safe? Just to mention but a few.

✦ 2. Have the Correct Clothes and Shoes

When going for a walk, it is required for you to have light clothes. But to be on the safe side, always be prepared just in case the rain starts pouring.

On the other hand, a nice pair of walking shoes will ensure that you enjoy the walk. Keep in your mind that this island has volcanic soil and rocky grounds.

✦ 3. Have a Map

Most people prefer to use electronic navigation. But in a real sense, it is always good to have a map. Also, try to understand it beforehand. This is important because imagine that you have lost your phone or it is low on charge.

✦ 4. Bring with you Snacks and Beverages

Due to the high temperatures on the island especially during the summer, I would recommend that you bring with you a lot of water. And top it up with your favorite snacks or fruits.

✦ 2. The Top Areas for Walking in Lanzarote

✦ 1. Walking at the Volcano El Cuervo in Lanzarote

Volcan el Cuervo Lanzarote
Volcan el Cuervo

This is a unique experience where you do not require any types of equipment or a guide to explore this volcanic mountain. The surroundings of where it is located make the setting more attractive.

The walk starts at the entrance of the park and is free of charge. Also, there is a free parking lot.

In the park, there is a clear walking path that has been created. It is meant to be used by all visitors. Remember that you are supposed to use this path and not to go to the areas that are marked not permitted.

Along the way, you will get the information on the boards that tell more of this crater. And last but not least, the path will lead you into the interior of this crater.

✦ 2. The Walk on the Cliffs of Famara

The cliffs of the Famara

These cliffs are located next to the famous Famara beach. From the top of these cliffs, you will enjoy the views of the beach, the surfers, and the nearby city.

There is a large and free parking area. And you can walk as far as you want to enjoy nature. Lastly, you can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants at the Caleta de Famara.

✦ 3. The Seafront Promenade

Playa Dorada Lanzarote

This is a long seafront promonade that is easy to walk, with a lot to see and more to enjoy. And only the pedestrians and the cyclists are allowed to used it.

This is a nice walk and there are a lot of shaded areas along the way. You can choose to enjoy a meal or to do some shopping during your walk. And just in case, you will be tired at the end of your walk, which is quite a distance, then you can choose to use a taxi or public transport to get back to the resort.