You are currently viewing The Walibi Theme Park, Belgium

Walibi is an amusement park in Belgium that is ideal for a day trip for the whole family.

It is located in the city of Wavre in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

✦ Why a Day Trip to Walibi, Belgium?

✦ 1. Accessibility

Walibi theme park is located not far from Brussels and it can easily be accessed by the use of all public transport.

N.B: Just in case, you are driving to Walibi, remember that this amusement park charges their parking lot.

✦ 2. Unlimited Acess

Walibi is a well-maintained theme park and it offers great rides for the people of all ages. Indeed, the entrance fee charges give you unlimited access to all the rides.

✦ 3. Amazing Rides in Walibi, Belgium


This park has a wide range of entertainment and exciting attractions, but the best and top of the game attractions in Walibi, in my opinion, it’s the rides. There are quite a number of rides that are a good mixture of adrenaline and fun rides.

Keep in mind that the majority of these rides are suitable for all ages.

✦ 4. Doable on a Budget


Just like in Disneyland, this amusement park allows visitors to come with their own snacks. Thus it is great for families who want to have fun but on a budget.

In the park, there are also a lot of places to picnic, stand or eat.

✦ What to Expect From Walibi, Belgium


Walibi has a wide selection of entertaining and exciting rides, shops, and restaurants

The weekends are the busiest and these days, you can expect to queue for the rides especially when the weather is great.

Lastly, the walk around the amusement park is easy and without too much fuss. This is because it is easy to navigate the park.

✦ The Adventure at Walibi Theme Park


The rides in Walibi theme park are pretty solid and you will enjoy all of them including the water rides.

The Pulsar really stands out but the queue to this attraction can be a little bit longer. I would highly recommend that you start here in the early morning hours.

The best ride in this park is the Werewolf. This a great wooden roller coaster and an indoor launched coaster and then a suspended coaster

Wave Swinger is the easiest and the most relaxing. The Radja River and the FlashBack will really make you wet from the water but it is still so much fun.

Golden River Adventure

Last but not least, the Golden River Adventure with the boat has nice music at the background and imposing nature of the setting.


Overall, it was definitely worth a visit and you can’t miss it out.