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Tsavo East National Park is a park that is suitable for both the first-timers and experienced safari lovers.

✦ What is Tsavo East National Park Famous For?

Tsavo East National Park

This park is well known in Kenya for its herds of the elephants.

There are also diverse Kenyan wild animals which include the large families of giraffes, gazelles, hartebeests, and zebras.

Zebras in Tsavo East nationa park

The park is located in the coastal region of Kenya. Due to its proximity to the beach, it makes it an ideal safari destination to combine with a beach holiday.

The Guided Safari Tours

Safari Van In Kenya

The best way to enjoy a safari in Tsavo East or West National Parks is the use of the guided tours.

You can choose to use a jeep or the van for your safari experience. This depends on your budget, the timing, and your expectations as a traveler.

Safari Van in kenya

This guided safari tour adventure is an amazing experience. It allows you to see the wild animals right in front of you.

You will see the elephants majestically wandering with their babies, beautiful imposing giraffes eating leaves,  zebras, baboons, monkeys, gazelles, lions, ostriches, buffalos, and many other wild animals.

Tsavo East National Park

The Tour Guide

Tsavo National Park

In case, you are planning to go on safari, a good tour company and a tour guide should be on the top of your list. This is because the knowledge and experience of the guide will make your safari adventure more special.

A great tour guide will be determined that you and your loved ones have the best experience.

Safari in Kenya

Tsavo East National Park has a number of gates. It depends on the direction in which you are coming from.

At any of these gates of the park, the guide will open the top of the van or the jeep so that you can sit or stand comfortably.

One of the top advantages of a guided safari tour is that the tour guides do their best to locate the animals. They are in touch with radio monitoring where the animals have been spotted this large park. For instance, if the lions are spotted, the guide will ensure that he takes you there to see them.

✦ What is the Best Time For Safari?

Safari in Kenya

It’s not just during the organized game drives you get to see the animals, it is from the moment you arrived at the park, to the moment you leave at the end of your safari.

Safari in Kenya

✦ A Stay In Tsavo East Nationa Park

There are many great lodges inside the park, each one of them has its own advantages, depending on what you want and your budget.

Ashnil Aruba Dam

Some Tips 

  • Be sure to take a camera, binoculars and if riding on top of the jeep, a hat
  • It totally depends on what season of the year you go
  • Do your research on the tour companies, to get a good tour guide
  • Consult your tour agent
Tsavo East National Park