Top Things To Do In Cape Town, South Africa
Enjoying The Beauty Of The Table Mountain

Looking for the cities in Africa to add to your bucket list? Then Cape Town should be one of those cities.

In 2011, I received the book The Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela from a friend.

After several days, I started reading the book written by one of the icons of African History: Nelson Mandela. This good read began my fascination to visit the city of Cape Town.

After several months, I was heading to the city.

Cape town
Beautiful View From The Table Mountain

To begin with, the flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town had an impressive panoramic view across the mountains, the Winelands, and great sandy beaches. Certainly, I could not wait to explore the beautiful Cape Town.

Cape Town
At The V&A Waterfront While Enjoying The Cape Wheel

A Holiday In Cape Town

Cape Town is a popular tourist destination in South Africa and Africa in general. This city is known for its harbor and for the landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point just to mention but a few.

Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront
The Cape Wheel

During our holiday in Cape Town, we stayed in Kenilworth. This is a city located in the Western Cape which is the heart of the city of Cape Town.

The area is served by Kenilworth railway station which is on the mainline of Cape Town to Simon’s Town. The following are some top things to do in the Western Cape:

  • Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront
  • Cape Point & Cape Agulhas
  • Table Mountain
  • Beaches
  • Penguin Colonies in Simonstown & Betty’s Bay
  • Robben Island

✦ Own Experience From Cape Town

✦ Table Mountain

Table Mountain
Table Mountain

After familiarising ourselves with our surroundings, it was time to go for a picnic at a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town; the Table Mountain.

This mountain is a significant tourist attraction in the city of Cape Town. It’s easily recognized by its main feature of a flat top or a leveled plateau from side to side, edged by impressive cliffs.  This forms a backdrop to the city of Cape Town.

Table Mountain
Cable Car

In our adventure, we chose the cable car over hiking to the mountain. It was a good choice because the cable car is modern and it rotated giving us incredible views of the city as we made our way to Table Mountain.

Table Mountain
The Cable Car

Undoubtedly, this mountain hides many surprises. It is the most beautiful scenery overlooking the city of Cape Town.

Groot Constantia Wine Estate

 Groot Constantia Wine Estate
Groot Constantia Wine Estate

After almost a whole day picnic, we decided to go for the wine tasting at Groot Constantia Wine Estate.

This is a wine firm in Cape Town that is known internationally for its handcrafted wine.

 Groot Constantia Wine Estate
Groot Constantia Wine Estate

This wine estate has an outstanding wine tasting experience.

To say the least, it is a great experience.

✦ Practical Information

  • The estate also has two restaurants
  • Booking beforehand is highly recommended at these restaurants

Robben Island

Robben Island
Robben Island

Our next choice of adventure was the excursion to Robben Island.

This is one of South Africa’s most important historical sights. In the old days, it was used as a penal colony. Although the prisons have been closed, the island remains famous for incarcerating former South African President and the Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela for 18 years before the fall of apartheid.

In 1997 the island was turned into a museum, and in 1999 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nelson Mandela’s Cell

Robben Island
The Prisons At The Robben Island

In the cell where Nelson Mandela served his term, there is a thin mattress lying on the ground and a metallic bucket. This is where he wrote the book The Long Walk to Freedom which I had read. Indeed, it was a long walk to freedom! I must say that it was a very educational excursion and I could not help myself not to think about the cruel side of humanity.

Robben Island
Nelson Mandela’s Cell

In addition,  we also saw the lime quarry where he and other prisoners worked. The more I learned about this great hero, the more I got respect for him. May his soul Rest In Peace!

✦ Practical information

The ferry ride to the island takes around 30 minutes. Then, there is a Bus Tour of the island with the guides


A Road Trip In Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you for stopping by! Remember to stay positive! 

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