The Top Attractions In The City of Rethymno (Greece)

Rethymno is one of the beautiful towns on Crete Island.

Rethymno Crete Island

This city still has old buildings from the early 16th century, narrow streets and an old harbor.

It has a combination of the charm from the history, the architecture and a long sandy beach.

✦ Things to do While Visiting the City of Rethymno

Rethymino Cretye Island

The following are some of the things to see in this city:

  • Fortezza of Rethymno
  • Rimondi Fountain
  • Archaeological Museum of Rethymno
  • Municipal Garden
  • Port Rethymno
  • The Egyptian Lighthouse
  • The Ecclesiastical Museum
  • Catholic Church St. Anthony’s Of Padua
  • Koumbes beach

✦ Beaches in Rethymno


The beach has a number of hotels that stretches from the east end of Rethymnon, lapping up the coastal villages.

There are beautiful hotels and a wide range of restaurants that make it an ideal destination for your holiday.

✦ Rethymnon’s harbor

Rethymno Crete Island

Rethymnon’s harbor area is a fine place with a great atmosphere for a drink or a meal at one of the many restaurants. Dining is one of the Rethymnon’s pleasures, preceded or followed by a drink at the old port.

✦ Our Experience from the City of Rethymno

Rethymno Crete Island

While in this city, we decided to explore the waterfront and all the streets behind it.

As we walked through the alleys of the old town of Rethymnon,  it was evident that many buildings have preserved the Venetian, Turkish and Ottoman influences.

The stroll also led us to the Venetian fortress and the lighthouse. This is the most beautiful part of this city.

Our adventure to this city ended up on the shopping streets. Here there are numerous shops selling local products.

You can not miss a visit to this city while on the island of Crete. Another reason for you to add this to your bucket list!

Crete Island

Some Tips

  • From Rethymnon port, you can do a day trip to the island of Santorini
  •  Hire a car so that you can explore a little more


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