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Ghent, Belgium

The city of Ghent is located between the Belgian capital Brussels and the historical city of Bruges.

✦ Why Visit The City of Ghent?

It is a historic city and at the same time a modern one.

Ghent has a very interesting history that dates back to the iron age. And one of the interesting facts about this city is that in the 13th century, it was the second-largest city in Europe after the city of Paris.

Today, Ghent features the medieval buildings, a canal, and many other tourist attractions.

✦ The Summer Top Attractions in the City of Ghent

✦ The Castle of Gravensteen

The moment you step into the city of Ghent, it’s next to impossible that you will not the Castle of Gravensteen.

This is an interesting castle from the Middle Ages that is located in the city center. According to history, there stood a wooden castle on the same location that was presumably built in the very early centuries.

The castle that is standing in Ghent today was constructed later on. And it was used as a courthouse, a prison and a place of torture.

Gravensteen Gent

Now, inside the castle, you’ll find a museum dedicated to its history as a fortress, a prison, and a torture center. 

There are also various instruments of torture that are on the display.

During the tour, there is an audio guide which is both informative and funny. Besides, at the top of the castle, there are the best views of this Belgian city.

✦ St Bavo’s Cathedral

This is another landmark in Ghent.

It is one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals that I have visited.

The architecture of this cathedral is just breathtaking and it houses an impressive number of art treasures that are worth seeing while in the city of Ghent.

✦ Belfry and Cloth Hall in Ghent

The over 90 meters tall Belfry of Ghent has played different roles in this city since its construction. From the historic defense of the city to a museum and the views of the city.

There is an elevator but or you can also choose to climb the stairs. Once you reach the top, there are beautiful views and well worth the climb.

This is one of the three medieval towers found in this city. the other 2 towers are from the Saint Bavo Cathedral and Saint Nicholas’ Church.

An interesting fact about this belfry is that it is the tallest in Belgium.

Belfry of Ghent

✦ A Boat Cruise Along River Leie

On a sunny day, I find nothing more relaxing than to walk along the river Leie which runs alongside the city’s ancient buildings.

You can also choose to rent a boat and cruise along the Leie with some friends.

A Boat Cruise in the city of Ghent

✦ Saint Nicholas Church

Saint Nicholas Church is also a famous landmark in the city of Ghent. This church has a beautiful neo-gothic interior that will make you want to stay in there for hours.

Saint Nicholas Church

✦ Enjoy The Belgian Cuisines

Once you visit Ghent, you will see how beautiful the place is, a multicultural city, the food scene is incredible and you can’t miss out to drink the Belgian beers.

Tired of walking in this city? Sit and relax in a sidewalk cafe, then watch the world go by while enjoying some Belgian beers, or waffles, or the cuisines.


✦ St Michael’s Bridge

This bridge is located next to St Michael Cathedral. It is a great spot that gives visitors to the city an overview of what Ghent has to offer.

From here, you can observe the three towers of this city. These include Nicolas Church, the Belfry of Ghent and the St Bavo’s Cathedral.

St. Michael Bridge in Ghent

✦ Gentse Feesten

This is a popular festival that happens in the city of Ghent. It happens every year during the summer.

It is a unique event in Belgium that has performances (both local and international), fairs, parades, and exhibitions, just to mention but a few.

Looking for something to do during the summer in Belgium? Then, add this to your bucket list.