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A Visit To The Venetian Fortress of Koules, Heraklion
Venetian Fortress of Koules

Crete has a temperate Mediterranean climate even though there are significant differences between the coastal zone and the mountainous areas.

After exploring the mountain ranges, beaches, rough and rocky terrains, and gorges for days, we decided to explore the city of Heraklion and its hidden treasures.

The City of Heraklion

Heraklion is the largest town in Crete and capital of the entire island. This city has a long history from a slave trade center in the Mediterranean, then  taken over by the Venetians who built immense fortification walls, that stand intact to date.

The City of Heraklion
The City of Heraklion

The city is still thriving with extensive facilities that cater for all needs of its visitors and residents.  

A Visit To The Heraklion’s Emblem

The emblem of Heraklion is the Venetian Fortress of Koules. It is a 16th century fortress built at the entrance of the old venetian port, in order to protect the city from raids.

The Fortress of Koules

Koules Fortress is the name by which is widely known. It was the part of the defensive system of the city when Crete was under Venetian rule and reused by the Ottomans who succeeded the Venetians as rulers of the island.

The Fortress’s history goes back to Hellenistic times. What the visitor sees though belongs to Venetian and Ottoman periods.

The Fortress of Koules

What to Expect From The Venetian Fortress of Koules

The Fortress of Koules consists of two floors.

The Fortress of Koules

On the ground floor, there exist a number of rooms that were used to house captains or to store food and ammunitions. And on the upper floor, there are battlements for placing canons. From here, the soldiers viewed the horizon, watching out for enemies towards the sea, ready to face the battle. This is my favorite part of the Fortress of Koules.

The Fortress of Koules

Our Experience From The Fortress of Koules

We accessed the information on development, evolution through time and history of the fortress and also the city of Heraklion.

The Fortress of Koules

This is through info panels, videos, museum exhibits that are set up in various rooms of the Fortress of Koules in both Greek and English languages.

 The Fortress of Koules

Indeed, it’s well preserved with a lot of interesting historical information and the displays are well laid out.

 The Fortress of Koules
The Fortress of Koules

On the upper floor, the massive walls have open arcs. From here, we had a beautiful view of the sea, the harbor, and the city of Heraklion.

 The Fortress of Koules

Last but not least, we enjoyed a walk around this spectacular fortress and then we had a stroll at the Heraklion seafront.

A Travel Quote…

“Remember that things are not always as they appear to be… Curiosity creates possibilities and opportunities.” 
― Roy T. Bennett

Some Tips

  • Explore the neighbourhood
  • The parking at the Port of Heraklion is free of charge on Sundays
  • The entrance fee is quite affordable
  • It’s a 10 minutes walk from the city


Thank you for stopping by and stay positive! 

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